Friday, March 19, 2010

~Review~ Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper

When I was asked if I wanted to review the Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper I was extremely excited. Expecting our little bundle at that time, I was already looking for ideas to involve my two inquisitive and loving children in the process of taking care of her while protecting Audrey at the same time.

The Rock N Play Sleeper seemed to be a great product for us to try out. Having already brought home two newborns, we had all the "basic" or necessity products, but this product seemed different than anything we already had, and I was interested in what it had to offer for us. 

Product Description "The Gentle Rocking Hammock is a unique new portable sleep seat for newborns, with a wonderful rocking action and secure inclined position for babies when doctor recommends that baby sleep with their head elevated. Its frame rocks gently with a push from mom, and includes very soft fabrics plus an insert for comfort and support. The sides are created with breathable fabric plus a pocket on the end, and it collapses easily to bring along on visits or trips. For soothing and entertaining, there is 1 toy included: a soft elephant with wonderful textures and rattle beads, plus an attached little lovely blanket. Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'n Play SleeperSoothe, sleep or play night or day! The Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper is a nighttime sleeper and playtime seat all in one! And it's the only infant seat that meets industry safety standards for bassinets. So besides using it as a perfect place for baby to rock (with a gentle push from you!) and play during the day, you can also use it as a place for baby to sleep at night."

The day we received the rocker Treyton (my 4 1/2 year old son) and I had to set it up right then, we were so excited!! The rocker was extremely easy to assemble, we did it in just a few minutes. I love how the Rocker folds in half for storage and transporting ease. 

We have been using the Rock N Play sleeper for the past week, since the day we brought Audrey home, and have used it more than any other baby product we own (including our beloved Pack N Play). We've used it for naps, bedtime, playtime, and just as a safe place to put Audrey when I need to put her down.

The thing that I like best about the Rock N Play sleeper is it's height. It is perfect for my older two children to be able to look at and even touch Audrey, yet prevents them from climbing in with or falling on top of her while they do so. They can also rock her without me fearing them rocking her too hard causing her to tip out (though too fast is another battle :))

Another great thing about the rocker is that it is so convenient to use anywhere I need it. At night we have the rocker in our room, where Audrey has actually slept in it several nights, and during the day we sometimes have it out in the living room. It's so easy move from room to room, being so compact and light, as well as sliding easily across our carpet. Treyton can easily push the chair from room to room to help out mom and dad.  

The thing that I hear most about from other people who have seen the rocker is that it's "so cute", which it is - I love the color scheme, a great neutral design. I have gotten the question a couple times asking "Does it do anything else?", while it doesn't "do" anything else per se, in my opinion it doesn't need to. The only thing I even thought of was if it would vibrate - but to be honest, we have a chair that does that and after the batteries die it usually takes me months to replace them, meaning the chair although it technically can vibrate, obviously doesn't. 

Disclosure: I received the Fisher-Price product free of charge as part of a product review program through MomSelect


Ticia said...

That looks pretty cool. I'll have to remember to suggest it for my sister-in-law if they ever get around to having kids.

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

I found your review via a google search. I am expecting my fourth in June, and I was thinking about buying this for him. I am going to the BlogHer conference in August, and the hotel was out of cribs already when I made my reservation (!!!!!) so I was wondering, can you take this apart easily once it's assembled? I looked at it in the store and the box is nice and small to fit in my suitcase. I don't think it folds small enough to fit... I do NOT want to take the Pack N Play with me to New York. Thanks!