Thursday, March 25, 2010

~Review~ Raw Energy by Stephanie Tourles

Raw Energy by Stephanie Tourles is a book devoted to giving you and your family the information, motivation and means to make and eat fun, creative and healthy raw-food snacks. 

This book was absolutely fabulous for my family to use, I was so excited to review it. We have been working towards living a healthier more natural lifestyle for almost a year now, our diet has been one of the primary areas of modifications. While some meals have been easier than others to adjust, snacks (at least for mom) have been a real struggle. It has been extremely difficult finding healthy, wholesome snacks that go beyond just a fruit or vegetable.... can we say boring? 

This book is a tool that I can use to change that!

The thing that I loved most about this book were actually the beginning chapters of the book which are devoted to giving the reader information about the health benefits and importance of eating raw food. One of my favorite chapters is called "The Raw Snack Pantry" - it is devoted to information on every ingredient (& kitchen equipment) used in the book - giving health benefits, cooking tips and an explanation/description of each ingredient. 

The 124 recipes that conclude the book are creative, fun to try recipes that give you a reason to at least try raw-cooking. Most of the recipes you can even incorporate some level of participation from young children in the kitchen (though that is not the claim to fame of this book). For our family, being able to make food that my children can be a part of (from start to finish) is especially important. The recipes range from smoothies, bars, chips and soups.

This book is a must for any family that desires to eat healthier raw food throughout their day, whether you are just getting started and are looking for more information to get you going or have been eating healthier for a while and just need some new ideas to try - I recommend it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes through mamabzz. The opinions are my own.

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Amy said...

Hi Amber,
I am glad all is going so well, what a beautiful little blessing. I am not sure how you plan to co-sleep, but at our house it never worked in bed. With Grace I would sleep on the couch with her on my chest. That worked great and everyone got more sleep! We never worred about one of us rolling over on her because I can't roll over on the couch. It did get old after a few weeks, but got us through that tough stretch until she could sleep more on her own.
Hope tonight goes better for you!