Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Audrey's Robe

I guess this is my version of "Wordless Wednesday" this week :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby Look Alike Meter

The Baby Look-alike Meter can be a fun tool for family discussions – and may serve as evidence to settle a point of contention once and for all: who does your baby look alike the most: you or your partner?
To use you it, you must upload a face picture (the clearer the better) of you, one of your partner and one of your little dumpling; the meter kicks into action and in minutes retrieves the results. It will show you the percentage of resemblance to either parent, and, in some cases, it will even show you that your baby carries equal similarities to both.
The technology used for this tool is called Facial Recognition Technology (aka FRT), which has been in use for years by security firms, including the police.
Almost since its very beginning, My Heritage has been using features of FRT to help its members track relatives who may be also users of the site’s free family tree software. By activating this application, users receive a number of profile pictures who resemble the searcher or the user’s ancestor.

Disclosure: I did receive an endorsement for this guest post and the related side-link.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have recently been given the opportunity to do a review and giveaway for CSN Stores. Stay tuned for the details of the giveaway and a chance to win!! Meanwhile I have begun my "shopping" for my review, but WOW, what an unbelievable company.  They sell everything (it seems) from TV Stands to Toys, Furniture, Decor, Kitchen Appliances, and more! They have over 200 websites to shop from.

Like I said, I am still in the process of looking around their sites before I decide what I want to get - but to give you an idea of some of the possibiliies - here is what my "wishlist" looks like (so far):

Melissa and Doug Puzzle Wire Rack - I have been looking forever of a good way to organize our puzzles, we have puzzles that are all different sizes and don't fit in a one size fits all rack.

Backpacks for the kids - Treyton's trusty Diego backpack is starting to rip and I told him that I would be getting him another one, but I couldn't possibly get one for him and not Lexa... especially ones this cute! ~ Puppy Dog ~ Penguin ~ Monkey ~

I would absolutely LOVE any of their cubbies for school!! And speaking of school I am totally drooling over this desk for Treyton.... a girl can dream right?

Tim and I have been talking about getting a Toaster oven for a while, to replace some of our microwave use... this may be the perfect opportunity. 

This 1-2-3-4-5- Guidecraft Counter would be perfect for Lexa, I know she would love it.Or even better the Melissa and Doug Stack and Sort (I have a "thing" for Melissa and Doug Products - can't get enough!)

Or what about this 3D Feel and Find Shapes Toy - I have had this on my wishlist forever! Treyton would just LOVE this!!

This Spice Rack also caught my eye, I've always wanted one but haven't gotten one yet.

Melissa and Doug Pattern Blocks - I think both Treyton and Alexa would get use out of these.

We actually already have a kids table for school but I've been thinking about getting a slightly bigger one, I love the look of this one.

I'm not done "window shopping" yet, I am having so much fun just looking around!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bubbles & More

Bubbles.... they're a big deal at our house.
We love everything about them. From their light floating abilities to the irresistible need to pop them. I especially love the word 'bubbles' and how and it makes me smile anytime I say it.
Our family always has a good time whenever bubbles are involved - just take a look: 
Here is Lexa.... I think her face says it all!!

Here she is standing directly in front of the bubble machine soaking in the indescribable feeling of hundreds of bubbles popping directly on her forehead (thank goodness she was wearing sunglasses!)

Treyton prefers to chase the biggest bubbles, popping as many as he can. The bigger the better.

Ain't no broken arm going to slow him down. 

Mommer was here last week to help out with the kids (she was such a blessing). Here she is getting some grandbaby loving!

And don't tell the other two, but after they went to bed one night she actually got a little one-on-one time with Audrey. We didn't think this was ever going to happen :)

And this one is just because I haven't posted any good pictures of Audrey lately - she is changing so much I wanted to make sure to add at least one.

Update of Treyton's Arm

We had an appointment for Treyton's arm this past Thursday.

They took x-rays again - the bone looked crooked to me but the doctor said it was healing great. I actually forgot what it looked like when we first brought him in after Dr. L compared them for me I agreed, it is healing really great.

Treyton will get to take his cast off in 3 weeks, and will then just need to wear a splint for a couple weeks. One that we will be able to remove for showers or baths.

The Doctor said that it will probably take Treyton a full month for him to full motion back into his elbow, but that he wouldn't need therapy or anything like that.

Treyton did have a few questions for the doctor as well, you know all the important questions like: can I still run really fast? wrestle? jump off things? and play rough? Questions which I was glad he asked the doctor because I had tried to answer them 100 times before but I guess the answer just sounds better coming from an MD.

Treyton has been such a champion through this entire thing. He has not complained one time about the inconveniences of wearing a cast. I am so proud of him. He loves having people sign his cast, it's just about full... but we keep finding room!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Quilts for the Kids

I decided before Audrey was born I wanted to make her, her own quilt. I had crocheted a blanket for Treyton (before I learned to quilt) before he was born and had quilted one for Alexa.

Being motivated before Audrey came I decided to go ahead and do a new one for Treyton as well. He had outgrown his baby blanket and was in need of his own special blanket from mom :). Treyton helped me pick out the pattern, and even went to the fabric store and picked out the fabric with me too.

I had both of the quilts pieced together before Audrey was born, I sent them to get quilted and got them back a few weeks ago. I finished the binding last week. Here are the finished products!

Audrey's Quilt
Treyton's Quilt
Here are the kids cuddled up watching TV under Treyton's new blanket. He loves it, I'm so glad.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Audrey Ann - 6 Weeks

I haven't done an update on Audrey recently, and at this age things change so quickly I didn't want to forget anything. So here is what I know:

Overall Audrey is doing great. She is a fairly happy baby. She loves her mama and her perfect day is being held by mom for ALL of it. This makes it a little tougher to deal with the other two but we're managing and Audrey is learning (slowly) that she can't be held all of the time. She handles her siblings extremely well and receives at least a dozen kisses from Lexie a day - and rarely does it bother her. Treyton prefers to hold her instead of the kisses and Audrey handles this... kinda okay. :)

She is now sleeping in her crib, at least at the start of the night. We moved her over at about 3 or weeks old. She typically goes down for the night at about 9:00 and wakes up every 3 hours to be fed. A few nights she has given us one long stretch (her longest being from 9pm till 3am!!!!) but nothing regular yet. Usually sometime during the night I will fall asleep in bed while nursing her and then she will sleep with us the rest of the night. This usually happens sometime between 3-5am.
Audrey prefers me over anyone else and she KNOWS when I have her. She is just now starting to let Tim hold her without crying, but it's not very often and only if the circumstances are right. Our other children were like this too, I think it has something to do with the boobs ;) In a few months this should get better.

Audrey is actually very alert, she is getting a little bit of head control, though not too much yet. She bobbles pretty well but nothing more than 10 seconds or so.

Her gas issues have gotten a little better, but a lesson we learned this week is that mom should avoid asparagus and green beans for a while :( It took about 20 hours for them to work their way through her system and it certainly was not a pleasant 24 hours for her or us!!

Audrey is still tiny (to us). She remains in newborn diapers (our other two kids lasted less than two weeks in the newborn size), and 0-3 month clothes swallow her, the newborns work good though. We guess that she is close to the birth weight (8 pounds) of Alexa and Treyton.

People disagree about who she looks like but she is certainly starting to look more like our other children.... she does not have the cheeks and chubbiness that either Alexa or Treyton had at this age, but she still looks alot like them. I personally think she looks like Alexa but it really is split down the middle between our family members as to who she looks more like. 

Audrey just last night got her first cold. It's hard to watch her struggle but she's actually doing very well, no fever just really stuffy.

We feel so blessed to have Audrey, she is beautiful and perfect. I can't wait to start getting to see her personality form as she continues to grow. I love this stage, it passes too quickly.

I hate to even admit this but I haven't taken very many pictures of Audrey lately, first of all because I just haven't thought about it, but secondly because she just started to get her baby acne, and me as a mom, right or wrong, have never taken pictures of my baby's during this stage - I think it's cruel. So, I attached a picture from the Sunday after Easter of me and my sister, Autumn with her son Lukas who is 3 week older than Audrey and the first one of Audrey in her crib is from a while ago around the time we moved her to her crib (obviously). :) I'll try to get more pictures up here in the next week or so.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Digging Deep

Drained - that's the word of the week. Have you ever felt completely drained and unable to give anything else? To be 'done', in the sense of energy and ability? That has been how I have felt many times in the last several weeks.

Almost immediately after I wrote my last post on adjustment, (you know, the one that said it wasn't that much harder for me to adjust from 2-to-3 as it was 1-to-2) things seemed to get harder for me. I became incredibly overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with everything, really. I don't need to go into all the details but I will say this... I was on empty. I was the most tired I have probably ever been in my life and more motivated than ever to be "perfect" and on top of things, the combination was disappointing, to say the least.
People kept telling me, 'Just let it go', 'Don't worry about this or that', 'It doesn't matter'; but the truth was I couldn't let it go and it did matter, to me.
I wanted everything to be perfect. Perfect for me, perfect for Tim, perfect for our children. I had this picture in my head... and reality was not quite what I was picturing.... okay, it wasn't even that close. 

I felt like I was (and am) in the middle of chaos. Our children are energetic children (compared to many) and this has never bothered us, in fact we encouraged it in a lot of ways. We don't have a lot of rules in regards to jumping on (or off of) furniture, wrestling in the house or running around. We have always allowed our kids to be kids in this area and they have taken full advantage :) Tim has always been carefree that way, I on the other hand, have struggled a little bit more but have adjusted slowly to the idea of it.

In the past three weeks (or so), it was this same energy that helped get me so drained. I was seeking peace and quiet, a place of harmony and love - a relaxing home with little to no stress. But, that's not exactly how I would describe our home right now.
In addition to energy, noise is something that we have an abundance of. Treyton is loud, he's loud at everything he does - talking, singing, yelling, playing, you name it Treyton does it loudly and to the fullest!! Lexa has recently become a screamer - if something doesn't go her way she just.... screams, if she's excited she screams, if she's happy about something she laughs... loudly with a squeal! And Audrey, though she is the most quiet one, and her cry is the quietest one I have ever heard it's the newborn cry that pierces my heart the most.

The truth is, my kids are good kids, they are fairly obedient, in the middle of their training, yes, but good kids. They are happy, healthy and love each other and their mom and dad. Some of our biggest problems are their desires to be with us most of the time, and hugging each other too tightly or one sibling not wanting to leave the other one alone. Honestly, we have a good life, we are extremely blessed and things are not "bad" - they're just crazy!! It's not bad, it's just not really what I "wanted", and when I try to control all the noise and energy, it's extremely draining. And on top of that there seems to ALWAYS be someone that needs me: someone crying, or hurt, or disobeying and in the need of training, or just someone who wants a hug or a little bit of mom time.  

I know "it will get better" as so many been-there, done-thatters have told me; 'this is the hardest stage, physically', they tell me. "This too shall pass" - but what about now? What can I do now? I need help, NOW, not later.

On a particularly rough day I had told Tim "I've had it, I can't do this!" and he simply told me "Yes you can, dig deep." My first thought was "I am digging deep!! Can't you see that?" but my second, more reasonable thought was "He's right, my well might be dry but Christ's isn't" I have access to a well that will never run dry, that will never get to the place of "enough" or "done". Truth be told, I knew this already, but I wasn't utilizing it.

I realized then that I was drawing from the wrong source, I began to see (again) the importance of scripture in my day. I still do my quiet time but it is more sporadic and shorter compared to what it I am used to so I am doing the best I can to keep scripture near me - I began to carry around my flashcards with my encouragement verses on them. This helped in the worst moments.
The one verse that has meant the most has been Psalm 18:39 which says
"For you equipped me with the strength for the battle; You made those who rise against me sink under me." 

I am learning my entire day is affected most by my mindset. The moment I began to think "I can't" or "I don't want to" my attitude begins to shift onto all the things that are going wrong and that are out of my control, overwhelmed emotions begin to take over. But when I can keep my eyes open to the big picture and the blessings around me, I am much more capable to attack each and every battle with more strength. The lies that rise against me are too numerous to list here, but each one will sink under me when my focus is on Christ and my real calling.

Another thing I have learned is to slow down and expect less. These two go hand-in-hand for me. I have to realize I'm dealing with toddlers and preschoolers here, not adults, or even fully trained children. We are in the middle, and even the beginning of training with our children. This doesn't happen overnight. It takes patience, along with opportunities for failure and success. Another great piece of advice Tim gave me last week was "Look at the big picture and stop focusing on all the little bumps in the road" - Most of the time I expect perfection from my children. I think they should listen to me right away, when I say something, without arguing or excuses, EVERYTIME.... right? It's absolutely true, they should, and SOMETIMES, they do, but sometimes they don't, and that was frustrating me more than it should.

My work is not done, that much is clear :) but I need to realize that to finish the job. I am so not close to getting my emotions and thoughts under control, I'm still tired, I'm still drained. So please, don't think this is coming from anyone who has it figured out - I so don't. I know that most of this post is written in the past tense, but this is still present for me. But I'm trying, I want to do this thing right - not perfect - but with a clear conscience, following the Word of God. I am hopeful, today. I am drawing near.

"Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and grace to help in a time of need." Hebrews 4:16

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review: I Love God's Green Earth

"I Love God's Green Earth" written by Michael and Caroline Carroll

Book Description:
Kids love working on practical projects to help take care of the Earth; they are often the family’s biggest proponents of recycling. This book will attract those eco-friendly kids and teach them how creation care can actually draw them closer to God. Each devotion includes a Scripture verse, a “Connection” section to help kids apply both the biblical and environmental lessons, and a “What Can I Do?” section with a takeaway activity. Jokes and fun facts are also included throughout the devotion to make this book fun, informative, and interesting to readers.

We read this book as a family devotional every night after dinner.It was slightly over my kids heads (Ages 4.5 and 2), but they still seemed to enjoy it. I think that Treyton (my 4.5 year old) mostly enjoyed it for the jokes at the end of the devotional (they don't all have jokes and on the nights there weren't jokes he was thoroughly disappointed). But even now he will still grab the book and ask me to find some jokes for him (even though he doesn't "get" any of them) it is pretty funny.

When I received this book, I was thinking it was going to be too "green" for our family. We love our planet and we have taken many steps towards being more earth friendly but we are not fanatical in this area, and we don't plan on becoming fanatical either, so I was preparing myself to be bombarded with all the things we were doing wrong that we should change, while knowing full well we weren't really going to do many of the things in the book. Surprisingly that wasn't what we got at all.

This book does a great job emphasizing that we can't do it all but that just doing one thing makes a big difference. This was something that Treyton really "got" out of this book and I was pleased with that. It also gave small practical ways to be earth friendly that kids really could be a part of.
One particular way that our family was affected was in the area of keeping the earth clean. The day before we started the devotional Treyton saw some trash blowing around in a parking lot. We talked about how we should throw our trash away to keep God's earth clean so we picked up the trash in the parking lot. Then on day 3 the suggested activity was to make a game out of throwing away trash every time your outside - I was proud that this was something that stuck in Treyton's mind and that he considered important.

I received this book free from Tyndale Publishers as part of their review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Broken Bone... Ouch!

Disclaimer: there is a picture of a broken arm in this post so if you are squeamish proceed with caution (or not at all).  

5:00pm- Yesterday afternoon when Tim got home from work, the whole family gathered in the kitchen like we always do, bombarding him with our attention and energy. Tim was about to take the kids outside to play or for a walk. But before they headed out I was talking to Tim about a new curriculum I was thinking about using with both Treyton and Alexa. I was standing in the kitchen and Tim was standing on the opposite side of the counter in the dining room, Treyton was busy waiting "patiently" for dad by jumping off of the bar stool. On his second or third jump off we heard an ear piercing screamed!

I have NEVER heard him scream this way. Tim was by his side in a moment, I was right behind him. Before I even got to Treyton I heard him say "Ohhh... I wish I wouldn't have done that" Tim stood up from beside Treyton, looked at me and said, "Amber, it's broken!" I looked down Treyton hadn't moved his arm - it was off to the side completely bent (in an unnatural way). I handed Tim Audrey, who I had been holding and said "Put her in her car seat!!" I tried to comfort Treyton but he was screaming and moving to much, hurting himself worse so I switched back with Tim - he took Treyton, I took Audrey.
Meanwhile we called Toni, Tim's sister who was still at the shop (only a few minutes away!) and she came over right away to watch Alexa.

We loaded Treyton and Audrey into the van while we waited the few minutes for Toni to arrive, while he was sitting there he asked through his sobs, "Are we going to the doctor?" I said "Yes we are, baby, they are going to make your arm better, okay?" to which he replied "Why don't we just pray to Jesus or something?" So we stopped right then and there and said a prayer - what a great idea, one I wish I could take credit for!

Treyton cried the entire way to the hospital but managed to get out a few words like "Dad, go pedal to the medal the whole way!!" 

5:30 Once we got to the ER we checked in and had to wait for the Dr. the ER was surprisingly busy. The guy that was in front of us for the doctor got called but so graciously let us go in front of him - we got the last room.
After we got back in to the room and we got Treyton on the bed, and still, he started to calm down a little bit. When the first nurse came in she was going to take Treyton's two shirts off over his head, I quickly told her I thought she should cut them off! He was wearing a tight thermal shirt and one of 'daddy's work shirts'. She said "oh I feel so bad cutting clothes".... yeah, me too, but better than trying to get two shirts off a kids obviously broken arm!! (In the end the ER gave us a $10 gift card to wal-mart to get a new shirt)

They wanted to give him an IV to give him some morphine before they took the X-Ray because they knew they were going to have to move it a little bit for the pictures. After three pokes and a crazy amount of screaming (on Treyton's part) they finally got an IV in his arm. This was as heartbreaking as the broken arm almost. He was so scared and didn't understand that the whole process would help him in the end. They ended up giving him 2 milligrams of morphine. Treyton said his arm still hurt a little even after this, but it wasn't nearly as bad.

6:45 They took an X-ray of his arm. Treyton was scared but he did really well. He broke both of the bones in his forearm; the ulna and radius.

7:00 The ER doc came in and said the Orthopedic surgeon would be in, in about 45 minutes to talk to us. Treyton was looking forward to watching American Idol so we turned it on and watched that for a little while. The nurse that had originally checked us in was done at 7:00 so he came in and said bye to Treyton he told Treyton as he was leaving "okay, no more jumping off stools" Treyton laughed a little bit and just said "maybe" --- the nurse laughed pretty hard!
A little bit of laughter in the midst of pain
During this time we had started to explain to Treyton what was probably going to be happening, that he was going to be put to sleep while they fixed his arm so that it wouldn't hurt, etc. Treyton was particularly concerned about being put under he asked me "What if I'm too hard?" I told him the first time I was put under I thought I would be too hard to, and that they put daddy under too and that daddy was bigger than him so they should be able to do it.

7:30 The surgeon came in, and said that they would be putting Treyton under just to set his arm - they wouldn't need to cut him open or anything. With kids, they only need to get the bones close to where they should be and their body is actually able to do the rest.

8:00 Treyton was in surgery - before they brought him in he got to pick the color of his cast, he wanted orange but had to settle for green. We weren't able to go back until they put him under so he went under and woke up on his own, I was scared for him but the doctors and nurses said he did great. You could tell he was scared when he realized he was going to be going by himself but he was tough.

We went to the waiting room, ironically the same room I sat in by myself over a year ago while waiting for Tim to get out of surgery for his hand. This time I had Tim by my side, but my 'baby' was on the other side of the doors that read AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY. This was one of the hardest parts.

8:30 - Surgery was over the doc came to see us and said that things went great

8:45 - The anesthesiologist came out and said that Treyton did great, he was awake but he had fallen back to sleep they were trying to wake him up

9:15 - Treyton came out and we were able to go into the room where they were going to monitor him for a few hours. Treyton was incredibly hungry even before surgery (he hadn't eaten since lunch) they didn't want him to eat alot just in case he would get sick. After about 30 minutes of only having apple juice he looked at me and said "These people need to get me some lunch, what are they thinking?"
The recovery nurse got a real kick out of Treyon (she was a grandma and said Treyton reminded her of her grandson), at one point she asked him who his favorite superhero was he said "Nobody is my super hero - I am a super hero!"

11:45 - We left the hospital

Treyton was such a trooper!! I am so proud of him. My heart breaks to see him in pain and with a full arm cast he is left arm is pretty much useless to him for now.

Here is Treyton showing off his cut shirts, resting at home.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm Going to Miss This: Alexa (21 Months)

There are so many things I want to remember about my kids that I know in time will change and that I won't be able to remember. That's one of the reasons I have this blog, so that I have a place to document some of these things, easily and quickly, where I can access it later to record in our various scrap books and/or baby books. So here is a little compilation about some of Lexa's quirks, personality and habits that I don't want to forget 

Lexie's cute sayings (this is not an exhaustive list)

~ "Ohhh Nooo" whenever anything bad happens (like if she drops something or the baby is crying she says this)
~ "Yeah" she says this all the time, even if she doesn't mean it. 'Yeah' is the answer to almost every question, which in my opinion is better than 'no'. It's not even so much what she is saying as to how she says it - it's like this "yeaaah" - it's bold and drawn out.
~ "Ga ga" (short a) means thank you - and her "Please" is almost impossible to turn down.

~ She says lamby (which is her favorite stuffed animals name) "lalalala" not la la (like a song) but she brings her tongue in and out of her mouth not so much as saying a word as a sound.

We call Alexa all sorts of things, from the several variations of her name (Alexa, "deda" (from Treyton), Lexie, Lexa and Lex) are all common occurances.
Other wise we call her
"baby girl"
"pretty girl"
and Treyton will occasionally call her "fussy pants" which must mean that mom occasionally calls her fussy pants, cause it just doesn't sound like something he would come up with on his own. :)

Alexa is friendly and adorable - she loves attention and she knows how to get it!
She does this thing where she will squat while she is walking, taking big wide steps - it's impossible to describe and we have been trying to get it on camera, but as it always seems to go, we have yet to capture this adorable trademark (when I do, you will be the first to know about it).

She is independent - often refusing our help. She wants to do things on her own terms, regardless of whether it's something she likes and wants to do or not, it's just "her way" right now.
~ The other day I was trying to get her to sit down at the table for lunch, she started screaming so I said "Fine, but when lunch is over it's over, you're going to be very hungry before dinner", I put her down, after walking around the table, she climbed right up into her chair (herself), sat down and ate her entire plate of food without a peep!
~ Unlike Treyton, Lexa has no problem entertaining herself and while she isn't the most self-entertaining child I've seen she does like some time by herself and can entertain herself when she wants to or needs to. 

Alexa is GOOFY - oh my word, she is so silly. She gives these "looks", where she will look at you out of the corner of her eye, it's priceless! She smiles so big afterward; yeah, she knows we think that she is cute!
She loves to laugh --- even if she has no idea what's going on or why something is funny, she joins in the laughter with her genuine adorable laugh.
She will also just fall over for no good reason, besides the fact that she knows it's funny.

Habits and Traits

She is constantly buckling things - like her booster seat at the table when she's not in it, her carseat, Audrey's car seat, if it buckles and Lexie sees it, she snaps it together.... kind of cute, but very annoying when your hands are full :) 

She colors, eats and plays with both her right and left hand. She was predominately left for a while, but lately she has done some things with her right.

With only a 25% chance of having any eye color than brown - she ended up with a little bit of ALL of them!! I hate to even say this but I have no idea what color Lexie's eyes are. Some days they are a steel blueish color and other days kind of green and then other days gray... they don't seem to be affected by certain moods, like some people's they just change. She has a very light brown at the very center of her eye that seems to almost always be there.

When she colors, instead of big long scribbles she normally colors in little short strokes all over. If she has a coloring book she does a little bit on each page, barely coloring anything on any particular page. This has gotten a little less, but is still how she normally colors. She doesn't have a favorite color yet, but if I were to guess her favorite color I would guess blue, she seems to color with that one more than any other... but who knows, could be coincidence.

One of her favorite things to do is talk about body parts - she loves to point out Audrey's body parts as well as her own (eyes, ears, head, hair, mouth, nose, toes, fingers, hands and chin). We are working on elbows and knees.

She is an incredible dancer, no matter what else is on, her dancing brings a smile to my heart and face! She actually has a great beat and regardless of what the song is, if she hears a drum beat her head is going side-to-side and her arms are up in the air!

I didn't really know where to put this part, but we also recently found out that Alexa is allergic to milk, tomatoes, garlic and lobster. This has DRASTICALLY affected what she can eat (as you can imagine). You would be amazed the number of things that have garlic in it btw! As much as this has changed her meals she hasn't seemed to mind one bit. We have worked hard at giving her variety (which isn't easy) and she remains to be a pretty good eater, Praise God! I put that in here because we are truly believing, praying and working with our nutritionist to eliminate these allergies within a year, so pretty soon this will be a memory we will barely remember.

A Girl's Girl
When you ask her "Who is pretty?" she pats on her belly (saying that she is) this is something we want her to never forget!

She LOVES accessories and all things girly - she enjoys getting her toes painted and likes to wear sunglasses even when she doesn't need them, or when they don't fit!! (Do I need to bring up the potato head glasses). But she is a well-rounded girl and can handle trucks and dirt with the best of them. She loves playing with Treyton and his toys and doesn't back down from a fight, regardless of size!! She races with Treyton and though she can't keep up, she never gives up! One of her favorite things to do is wrestle (and I mean wrestle hard) with Dad and Treyton. She can definitely handle her own.
She is FINALLY getting into getting her hair done, for Easter I curled her hair for the first time - it only stayed in for about an hour, but we didn't care, she loved getting it done and I loved doing it. Afterward she was absolutely precious - touching her hair saying "hair preeey" (which means 'hair, pretty') - she always wants to take a look in the mirror to check it out first and if Tim is home she will say "Da!!" Da!" and she runs to show daddy. Which brings me to my next point which is:

Alexa is a DADDY'S GIRL. She RUNS and I mean RUNS to the door as soon as Daddy comes home no matter what she is doing. As she runs she yells "Daaaddddyyy!" They wrestle hard and cuddle harder - watching the two of them together is one of the biggest blessings in my life - truly priceless.

Our little girl is such a blessing to our family her boisterous fun personality makes us smile and laugh every day!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Treytonism: Who talks alot?

Here is my conversation with Treyton at lunch today... and this is a TOTALLY normal conversation for him. 

Treyton: You know what I know about girls, mom?
Me: What do you know about girls?
Treyton: Girls talk alot!
Me: Really? That's funny, because you talk alot!
Treyton: Yeah, some boys talk alot but all girls talk alot
Me: Interesting
Treyton: You know where I heard that, mom?
Me: Where?
Treyton: Peter Pan....I like that movie.... Peter....? Why's he called Peter?
Me: That's his name.
Treyton: I know, but (Treyton's most said sentence!!), but, that's a weird name.
Me: No that's not weird name.
Treyton: Jesus' friend was called that.
Me: You are right, Jesus did have a friend named Peter too, he was a disciple, good job remembering that!
Treyton: Yeah, Jesus had lots of friends - Jesus is really big... you know what else is big mom? ....

And the conversation continued, actually, even as I am typing this Treyton is talking to me about Moby Wraps which he somehow got to from talking about my plants outside, which are still green and clean (according to Treyton) after the snow fall.

And who did he say talked alot?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Treytonism: A New Song

Treyton rarely sings a song that someone else made up - he likes to create his own songs (and tunes) to sing to, yesterday afternoon this is the song I heard him sing:

Jesus loves everybody!
He died for us, yeah yeah yeah
He loves everybody....
even Lexa when she bites!

Got to love it!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Precious Baby Audrey

Last week a friend of ours took some pictures of Audrey. It took me forever to finally go over to her in-home studio, but I am so glad that I did!! We got several pictures that I LOVE!! I thought I would share them with you here.
If you live in the area and are ever looking for a reasonably priced photographer let me know, I would love to give you her information!