Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Audrey Ann - 6 Weeks

I haven't done an update on Audrey recently, and at this age things change so quickly I didn't want to forget anything. So here is what I know:

Overall Audrey is doing great. She is a fairly happy baby. She loves her mama and her perfect day is being held by mom for ALL of it. This makes it a little tougher to deal with the other two but we're managing and Audrey is learning (slowly) that she can't be held all of the time. She handles her siblings extremely well and receives at least a dozen kisses from Lexie a day - and rarely does it bother her. Treyton prefers to hold her instead of the kisses and Audrey handles this... kinda okay. :)

She is now sleeping in her crib, at least at the start of the night. We moved her over at about 3 or weeks old. She typically goes down for the night at about 9:00 and wakes up every 3 hours to be fed. A few nights she has given us one long stretch (her longest being from 9pm till 3am!!!!) but nothing regular yet. Usually sometime during the night I will fall asleep in bed while nursing her and then she will sleep with us the rest of the night. This usually happens sometime between 3-5am.
Audrey prefers me over anyone else and she KNOWS when I have her. She is just now starting to let Tim hold her without crying, but it's not very often and only if the circumstances are right. Our other children were like this too, I think it has something to do with the boobs ;) In a few months this should get better.

Audrey is actually very alert, she is getting a little bit of head control, though not too much yet. She bobbles pretty well but nothing more than 10 seconds or so.

Her gas issues have gotten a little better, but a lesson we learned this week is that mom should avoid asparagus and green beans for a while :( It took about 20 hours for them to work their way through her system and it certainly was not a pleasant 24 hours for her or us!!

Audrey is still tiny (to us). She remains in newborn diapers (our other two kids lasted less than two weeks in the newborn size), and 0-3 month clothes swallow her, the newborns work good though. We guess that she is close to the birth weight (8 pounds) of Alexa and Treyton.

People disagree about who she looks like but she is certainly starting to look more like our other children.... she does not have the cheeks and chubbiness that either Alexa or Treyton had at this age, but she still looks alot like them. I personally think she looks like Alexa but it really is split down the middle between our family members as to who she looks more like. 

Audrey just last night got her first cold. It's hard to watch her struggle but she's actually doing very well, no fever just really stuffy.

We feel so blessed to have Audrey, she is beautiful and perfect. I can't wait to start getting to see her personality form as she continues to grow. I love this stage, it passes too quickly.

I hate to even admit this but I haven't taken very many pictures of Audrey lately, first of all because I just haven't thought about it, but secondly because she just started to get her baby acne, and me as a mom, right or wrong, have never taken pictures of my baby's during this stage - I think it's cruel. So, I attached a picture from the Sunday after Easter of me and my sister, Autumn with her son Lukas who is 3 week older than Audrey and the first one of Audrey in her crib is from a while ago around the time we moved her to her crib (obviously). :) I'll try to get more pictures up here in the next week or so.


Jenna said...

She is just precious and I'm so glad the other kids are adjusting so well! I HATED my baby sister when she was born (I was around 3 or 4) and did not handle it well AT ALL. You are quite blessed :)

Ashley Skye said...

I am so happy you updated about Audrey....I love hearing all the new stuff. It is amazing how well your kids are adjusting to the newest member of their family I was most worried about Alexa but her big heart has def come out not only for Audrey but for the rest of us to see too. It has been awesome to watch. You have amazing children and Love every minute I have with them and every story I get to hear