Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby Look Alike Meter

The Baby Look-alike Meter can be a fun tool for family discussions – and may serve as evidence to settle a point of contention once and for all: who does your baby look alike the most: you or your partner?
To use you it, you must upload a face picture (the clearer the better) of you, one of your partner and one of your little dumpling; the meter kicks into action and in minutes retrieves the results. It will show you the percentage of resemblance to either parent, and, in some cases, it will even show you that your baby carries equal similarities to both.
The technology used for this tool is called Facial Recognition Technology (aka FRT), which has been in use for years by security firms, including the police.
Almost since its very beginning, My Heritage has been using features of FRT to help its members track relatives who may be also users of the site’s free family tree software. By activating this application, users receive a number of profile pictures who resemble the searcher or the user’s ancestor.

Disclosure: I did receive an endorsement for this guest post and the related side-link.


Ticia said...

I am so going to check that out.

Ashley Skye said...

The page will not load!! I guess will try again tomorrow see what happens