Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bubbles & More

Bubbles.... they're a big deal at our house.
We love everything about them. From their light floating abilities to the irresistible need to pop them. I especially love the word 'bubbles' and how and it makes me smile anytime I say it.
Our family always has a good time whenever bubbles are involved - just take a look: 
Here is Lexa.... I think her face says it all!!

Here she is standing directly in front of the bubble machine soaking in the indescribable feeling of hundreds of bubbles popping directly on her forehead (thank goodness she was wearing sunglasses!)

Treyton prefers to chase the biggest bubbles, popping as many as he can. The bigger the better.

Ain't no broken arm going to slow him down. 

Mommer was here last week to help out with the kids (she was such a blessing). Here she is getting some grandbaby loving!

And don't tell the other two, but after they went to bed one night she actually got a little one-on-one time with Audrey. We didn't think this was ever going to happen :)

And this one is just because I haven't posted any good pictures of Audrey lately - she is changing so much I wanted to make sure to add at least one.

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Ashley Skye said...

I love the pictures of Alexa and Treyton with the bubbles. They look like they are having so much fun!! The word Bubbles still makes me smile......I just think of your giggle everytime you would say it!!

Mommer looks like she was having fun! Here in a few days she will get lots of Audrey one on one time!!