Friday, April 2, 2010

Daddy's Hands

Well, I know I missed the actual anniversary but you have to roll with it --- I just had a baby (how long can I use that excuse by the way?)

On March 20th it was the 1 year anniversary of Tim's hand accident. I wanted to do something special to remind all of us how blessed we are that he has a hand at all, and to thank God for all of the ways He has come through for us!! I had big plans, but Audrey's early arrival thwarted many of them.

I wanted to make sugar cookies in the shape of hands (I have the dough in the fridge, hoping we might get to it this week). I bought Tim a picture frame with the title "Daddy's Hands" on the top, he has received the frame, and I am going to be putting a B&W picture of him holding Audrey (just his hands) and sending it to work with him, to hopefully remind him to be careful and to thank God for the miracle of having his fingers.

I also downloaded the song, 'Daddy's Hands' and put it on a CD for Tim with the lyrics printed out for him. Which I didn't realize at the time, but Tim has never heard the song before - it's a great song, I'm adding it to my playlist, so if you have the chance scroll down and play it, it moves me to tears every time I hear it now!

The kids and I also made a little poster for Dad - showing him how much we love his hands!

It wasn't what I hoped it would be, but we still made the day special and said many special prayers that day thanking God for daddy's hands!!

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Ticia said...

How wonderful that you remembered this for him.
And, the pictures of the wee one are adorable, I firmly believe you can use a newborn excuse for several months. So, you're good.