Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Broken Bone... Ouch!

Disclaimer: there is a picture of a broken arm in this post so if you are squeamish proceed with caution (or not at all).  

5:00pm- Yesterday afternoon when Tim got home from work, the whole family gathered in the kitchen like we always do, bombarding him with our attention and energy. Tim was about to take the kids outside to play or for a walk. But before they headed out I was talking to Tim about a new curriculum I was thinking about using with both Treyton and Alexa. I was standing in the kitchen and Tim was standing on the opposite side of the counter in the dining room, Treyton was busy waiting "patiently" for dad by jumping off of the bar stool. On his second or third jump off we heard an ear piercing screamed!

I have NEVER heard him scream this way. Tim was by his side in a moment, I was right behind him. Before I even got to Treyton I heard him say "Ohhh... I wish I wouldn't have done that" Tim stood up from beside Treyton, looked at me and said, "Amber, it's broken!" I looked down Treyton hadn't moved his arm - it was off to the side completely bent (in an unnatural way). I handed Tim Audrey, who I had been holding and said "Put her in her car seat!!" I tried to comfort Treyton but he was screaming and moving to much, hurting himself worse so I switched back with Tim - he took Treyton, I took Audrey.
Meanwhile we called Toni, Tim's sister who was still at the shop (only a few minutes away!) and she came over right away to watch Alexa.

We loaded Treyton and Audrey into the van while we waited the few minutes for Toni to arrive, while he was sitting there he asked through his sobs, "Are we going to the doctor?" I said "Yes we are, baby, they are going to make your arm better, okay?" to which he replied "Why don't we just pray to Jesus or something?" So we stopped right then and there and said a prayer - what a great idea, one I wish I could take credit for!

Treyton cried the entire way to the hospital but managed to get out a few words like "Dad, go pedal to the medal the whole way!!" 

5:30 Once we got to the ER we checked in and had to wait for the Dr. the ER was surprisingly busy. The guy that was in front of us for the doctor got called but so graciously let us go in front of him - we got the last room.
After we got back in to the room and we got Treyton on the bed, and still, he started to calm down a little bit. When the first nurse came in she was going to take Treyton's two shirts off over his head, I quickly told her I thought she should cut them off! He was wearing a tight thermal shirt and one of 'daddy's work shirts'. She said "oh I feel so bad cutting clothes".... yeah, me too, but better than trying to get two shirts off a kids obviously broken arm!! (In the end the ER gave us a $10 gift card to wal-mart to get a new shirt)

They wanted to give him an IV to give him some morphine before they took the X-Ray because they knew they were going to have to move it a little bit for the pictures. After three pokes and a crazy amount of screaming (on Treyton's part) they finally got an IV in his arm. This was as heartbreaking as the broken arm almost. He was so scared and didn't understand that the whole process would help him in the end. They ended up giving him 2 milligrams of morphine. Treyton said his arm still hurt a little even after this, but it wasn't nearly as bad.

6:45 They took an X-ray of his arm. Treyton was scared but he did really well. He broke both of the bones in his forearm; the ulna and radius.

7:00 The ER doc came in and said the Orthopedic surgeon would be in, in about 45 minutes to talk to us. Treyton was looking forward to watching American Idol so we turned it on and watched that for a little while. The nurse that had originally checked us in was done at 7:00 so he came in and said bye to Treyton he told Treyton as he was leaving "okay, no more jumping off stools" Treyton laughed a little bit and just said "maybe" --- the nurse laughed pretty hard!
A little bit of laughter in the midst of pain
During this time we had started to explain to Treyton what was probably going to be happening, that he was going to be put to sleep while they fixed his arm so that it wouldn't hurt, etc. Treyton was particularly concerned about being put under he asked me "What if I'm too hard?" I told him the first time I was put under I thought I would be too hard to, and that they put daddy under too and that daddy was bigger than him so they should be able to do it.

7:30 The surgeon came in, and said that they would be putting Treyton under just to set his arm - they wouldn't need to cut him open or anything. With kids, they only need to get the bones close to where they should be and their body is actually able to do the rest.

8:00 Treyton was in surgery - before they brought him in he got to pick the color of his cast, he wanted orange but had to settle for green. We weren't able to go back until they put him under so he went under and woke up on his own, I was scared for him but the doctors and nurses said he did great. You could tell he was scared when he realized he was going to be going by himself but he was tough.

We went to the waiting room, ironically the same room I sat in by myself over a year ago while waiting for Tim to get out of surgery for his hand. This time I had Tim by my side, but my 'baby' was on the other side of the doors that read AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY. This was one of the hardest parts.

8:30 - Surgery was over the doc came to see us and said that things went great

8:45 - The anesthesiologist came out and said that Treyton did great, he was awake but he had fallen back to sleep they were trying to wake him up

9:15 - Treyton came out and we were able to go into the room where they were going to monitor him for a few hours. Treyton was incredibly hungry even before surgery (he hadn't eaten since lunch) they didn't want him to eat alot just in case he would get sick. After about 30 minutes of only having apple juice he looked at me and said "These people need to get me some lunch, what are they thinking?"
The recovery nurse got a real kick out of Treyon (she was a grandma and said Treyton reminded her of her grandson), at one point she asked him who his favorite superhero was he said "Nobody is my super hero - I am a super hero!"

11:45 - We left the hospital

Treyton was such a trooper!! I am so proud of him. My heart breaks to see him in pain and with a full arm cast he is left arm is pretty much useless to him for now.

Here is Treyton showing off his cut shirts, resting at home.


For His Glory said...

It brought tears to me reading. Sorry Treyton to hear you broke your arm! Good job being so brave.

Virginia Lee said...

Wow, he is a brave little boy. I can't believe his pain tolerance. All of those comments even when he was hurting. I am glad Tim was home when it happened and that you have family so close by to help.

Jenna said...

Man! I've never broken a bone and I think if I did I would NOT be as calm as you said he was- I'd be in hysterics!!!! Good job lil man :)

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Oh, Treyton, I'm so sorry! Good thing you got a cool cast out of the deal. I'm also really glad that you had Tim home to help! Yowza!

Michelle said...

Bless his heart! Same thing happened to me when I was seven except I was on the playground at school. My arm completely bent the opposite way at the elbow.

Oh but Treyton. You will get the BEST stuff while you are recooping!

Anonymous said...

That's so scary how fast something can happen. So glad he is OK now.

Ticia said...

Oh no, poor little guy. But, how calm in all of it, relatively speaking

Catherine said...

Oh!! The poor little guy. What an ordeal! He was so brave!!