Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm Going to Miss This: Alexa (21 Months)

There are so many things I want to remember about my kids that I know in time will change and that I won't be able to remember. That's one of the reasons I have this blog, so that I have a place to document some of these things, easily and quickly, where I can access it later to record in our various scrap books and/or baby books. So here is a little compilation about some of Lexa's quirks, personality and habits that I don't want to forget 

Lexie's cute sayings (this is not an exhaustive list)

~ "Ohhh Nooo" whenever anything bad happens (like if she drops something or the baby is crying she says this)
~ "Yeah" she says this all the time, even if she doesn't mean it. 'Yeah' is the answer to almost every question, which in my opinion is better than 'no'. It's not even so much what she is saying as to how she says it - it's like this "yeaaah" - it's bold and drawn out.
~ "Ga ga" (short a) means thank you - and her "Please" is almost impossible to turn down.

~ She says lamby (which is her favorite stuffed animals name) "lalalala" not la la (like a song) but she brings her tongue in and out of her mouth not so much as saying a word as a sound.

We call Alexa all sorts of things, from the several variations of her name (Alexa, "deda" (from Treyton), Lexie, Lexa and Lex) are all common occurances.
Other wise we call her
"baby girl"
"pretty girl"
and Treyton will occasionally call her "fussy pants" which must mean that mom occasionally calls her fussy pants, cause it just doesn't sound like something he would come up with on his own. :)

Alexa is friendly and adorable - she loves attention and she knows how to get it!
She does this thing where she will squat while she is walking, taking big wide steps - it's impossible to describe and we have been trying to get it on camera, but as it always seems to go, we have yet to capture this adorable trademark (when I do, you will be the first to know about it).

She is independent - often refusing our help. She wants to do things on her own terms, regardless of whether it's something she likes and wants to do or not, it's just "her way" right now.
~ The other day I was trying to get her to sit down at the table for lunch, she started screaming so I said "Fine, but when lunch is over it's over, you're going to be very hungry before dinner", I put her down, after walking around the table, she climbed right up into her chair (herself), sat down and ate her entire plate of food without a peep!
~ Unlike Treyton, Lexa has no problem entertaining herself and while she isn't the most self-entertaining child I've seen she does like some time by herself and can entertain herself when she wants to or needs to. 

Alexa is GOOFY - oh my word, she is so silly. She gives these "looks", where she will look at you out of the corner of her eye, it's priceless! She smiles so big afterward; yeah, she knows we think that she is cute!
She loves to laugh --- even if she has no idea what's going on or why something is funny, she joins in the laughter with her genuine adorable laugh.
She will also just fall over for no good reason, besides the fact that she knows it's funny.

Habits and Traits

She is constantly buckling things - like her booster seat at the table when she's not in it, her carseat, Audrey's car seat, if it buckles and Lexie sees it, she snaps it together.... kind of cute, but very annoying when your hands are full :) 

She colors, eats and plays with both her right and left hand. She was predominately left for a while, but lately she has done some things with her right.

With only a 25% chance of having any eye color than brown - she ended up with a little bit of ALL of them!! I hate to even say this but I have no idea what color Lexie's eyes are. Some days they are a steel blueish color and other days kind of green and then other days gray... they don't seem to be affected by certain moods, like some people's they just change. She has a very light brown at the very center of her eye that seems to almost always be there.

When she colors, instead of big long scribbles she normally colors in little short strokes all over. If she has a coloring book she does a little bit on each page, barely coloring anything on any particular page. This has gotten a little less, but is still how she normally colors. She doesn't have a favorite color yet, but if I were to guess her favorite color I would guess blue, she seems to color with that one more than any other... but who knows, could be coincidence.

One of her favorite things to do is talk about body parts - she loves to point out Audrey's body parts as well as her own (eyes, ears, head, hair, mouth, nose, toes, fingers, hands and chin). We are working on elbows and knees.

She is an incredible dancer, no matter what else is on, her dancing brings a smile to my heart and face! She actually has a great beat and regardless of what the song is, if she hears a drum beat her head is going side-to-side and her arms are up in the air!

I didn't really know where to put this part, but we also recently found out that Alexa is allergic to milk, tomatoes, garlic and lobster. This has DRASTICALLY affected what she can eat (as you can imagine). You would be amazed the number of things that have garlic in it btw! As much as this has changed her meals she hasn't seemed to mind one bit. We have worked hard at giving her variety (which isn't easy) and she remains to be a pretty good eater, Praise God! I put that in here because we are truly believing, praying and working with our nutritionist to eliminate these allergies within a year, so pretty soon this will be a memory we will barely remember.

A Girl's Girl
When you ask her "Who is pretty?" she pats on her belly (saying that she is) this is something we want her to never forget!

She LOVES accessories and all things girly - she enjoys getting her toes painted and likes to wear sunglasses even when she doesn't need them, or when they don't fit!! (Do I need to bring up the potato head glasses). But she is a well-rounded girl and can handle trucks and dirt with the best of them. She loves playing with Treyton and his toys and doesn't back down from a fight, regardless of size!! She races with Treyton and though she can't keep up, she never gives up! One of her favorite things to do is wrestle (and I mean wrestle hard) with Dad and Treyton. She can definitely handle her own.
She is FINALLY getting into getting her hair done, for Easter I curled her hair for the first time - it only stayed in for about an hour, but we didn't care, she loved getting it done and I loved doing it. Afterward she was absolutely precious - touching her hair saying "hair preeey" (which means 'hair, pretty') - she always wants to take a look in the mirror to check it out first and if Tim is home she will say "Da!!" Da!" and she runs to show daddy. Which brings me to my next point which is:

Alexa is a DADDY'S GIRL. She RUNS and I mean RUNS to the door as soon as Daddy comes home no matter what she is doing. As she runs she yells "Daaaddddyyy!" They wrestle hard and cuddle harder - watching the two of them together is one of the biggest blessings in my life - truly priceless.

Our little girl is such a blessing to our family her boisterous fun personality makes us smile and laugh every day!

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