Friday, April 9, 2010

Treytonism: Who talks alot?

Here is my conversation with Treyton at lunch today... and this is a TOTALLY normal conversation for him. 

Treyton: You know what I know about girls, mom?
Me: What do you know about girls?
Treyton: Girls talk alot!
Me: Really? That's funny, because you talk alot!
Treyton: Yeah, some boys talk alot but all girls talk alot
Me: Interesting
Treyton: You know where I heard that, mom?
Me: Where?
Treyton: Peter Pan....I like that movie.... Peter....? Why's he called Peter?
Me: That's his name.
Treyton: I know, but (Treyton's most said sentence!!), but, that's a weird name.
Me: No that's not weird name.
Treyton: Jesus' friend was called that.
Me: You are right, Jesus did have a friend named Peter too, he was a disciple, good job remembering that!
Treyton: Yeah, Jesus had lots of friends - Jesus is really big... you know what else is big mom? ....

And the conversation continued, actually, even as I am typing this Treyton is talking to me about Moby Wraps which he somehow got to from talking about my plants outside, which are still green and clean (according to Treyton) after the snow fall.

And who did he say talked alot?

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Tami Jo said...

Treyton I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! I love how you think and how much you are really smart!