Saturday, April 24, 2010

Update of Treyton's Arm

We had an appointment for Treyton's arm this past Thursday.

They took x-rays again - the bone looked crooked to me but the doctor said it was healing great. I actually forgot what it looked like when we first brought him in after Dr. L compared them for me I agreed, it is healing really great.

Treyton will get to take his cast off in 3 weeks, and will then just need to wear a splint for a couple weeks. One that we will be able to remove for showers or baths.

The Doctor said that it will probably take Treyton a full month for him to full motion back into his elbow, but that he wouldn't need therapy or anything like that.

Treyton did have a few questions for the doctor as well, you know all the important questions like: can I still run really fast? wrestle? jump off things? and play rough? Questions which I was glad he asked the doctor because I had tried to answer them 100 times before but I guess the answer just sounds better coming from an MD.

Treyton has been such a champion through this entire thing. He has not complained one time about the inconveniences of wearing a cast. I am so proud of him. He loves having people sign his cast, it's just about full... but we keep finding room!

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Alana Wiemann said...

Better keep a small spot for Nana to dign I will be there right before he gets it off!