Monday, May 31, 2010

Treytonism: Crazy Driver

Treyton and Alexa were playing out in the garage. They were riding around the van on their bikes. Lexie got in Treyton's way or something, and Treyton said to her
"You drive just like your mom!!" 

This comes from Tim... whenever Treyton drives his bike crazy or crashes his bike Tim will say it...
unbelievable :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

End of May Pictures - Part 2

Here is part two of our busy week:
Mommer let the kids eat dinner in the garage one night when Tim and I (and Audrey) were at CHEA
Mommer got Treyton a new hat at Target, he wears it all the time!!
Jaime and Audrey...from our playdate on Tuesday
Playdate with friends... water gun fight!
The water was well watered after this play date, and so were the kids!

Kisses for Papa Mike! Lexa loves her Paw Paw Mike - I even caught her sitting in the corner by herself practicing his name after he had left.
Lexa's favorite jammies
Music makers- performing for PaPa Mike
Tummy time
Our new swimming pool - The water is at about 74 - 76 degrees. Perfect for Treyton, way too cold for Lexie.
Treyton in the pool

End of May Pictures - Part 1

Get ready for picture overload - we have had such an amazing jam-packed week:

~ Tim & I went to the CHEA (Our state's Christian Homeschool Convention) last weekend
~ We went to Devil's Lake last Sunday with my entire side of the family (minus one brother-in-law) and one niece, including my dad who was up from Louisiana and my Aunt Kathy as well as my sister Alana and her daughter who is up from Virginia.
~ Treyton got his cast off
~ We put in our vegetable garden
~ Had a play date with my best friend and her kids who live 2 hours away
~ We put up our swimming pool
~ Took a Zoo trip with my family
~ My dad came and stayed at our house for a night

As a result of so many activities I have lots of pictures to share- 
First up is Devils Lake: 
Here is a picture of our entire family (on my side) starting on the left you have my mom and step-dad, then you have our family, the #2 family, (Alexa, Me, Treyton, Tim & Baby Audrey) next to us is my sister Alana, #4, and Baby Madison (her husband Mitch couldn't make it, he was still in Virginia) then the #1 family: Aaron and Baby Peyton, Skye and Ryan - Shayla scooted in there too but she actually belongs to the #3 family, which is next (Marv and Baby Lukas and Dylan) Then there is my dad (the bald one) and my Aunt Kathy.

Excuse the numbers, but instead of putting last names, I am using our birth order.
Here are me and my three sisters and our four brand new babies - Audrey, Madison, Peyton and Lukas. Madison is the oldest born on Christmas Day, Peyton is the youngest born May 7th.
Here are me and my three sisters with some of our kids! Between my four sisters and I my parents have 7 biological grandchildren and 3 step-grandchildren - 10 grandchildren all together.
Here is a picture of our family - I am very satisfied with this picture - it's one of the only ones where our entire family is looking at the camera.
Autumn's family - this is my sister Autumn - she is the one that is directly under me- which makes her the 3rd! (Birth order goes Skye, me, Autumn then Alana)
This is Skye's Family - Her husband Aaron, Ryan and Peyton.
Here are me and my sisters with our 7 biological children.
I absolutely love this picture - Treyton loves all of his cousins, they are his best friends, but he has a special place in his heart for his cousin Ryan - I think because he is a little older and because he is a boy. Treyton is a little overwhelmed by all of his female cousins (and there are a lot of them!!), this is a great picture of how Treyton "looks up" to his cousin Ryan.
Here they are together
Thumbs up!
Broken Arm or Muscles... I'm not sure what this one is all about :)
Here is a picture of my dad and Aunt Kathy - they came up all the way from Louisiana!!
My sister Alana... being a goof.
This is my HI-larious brother in law, Aaron, and this is payback for taking a gazillion pictures on my camera all of which I had to go through, which took lots of time :) This is Aaron's gift - taking horrible candid shots of people when they don't realize it's coming. If you know my sisters and I at all you know these are not the kinds of pictures we like we are all perfect picture posers - and so are our daughters - I'm pretty sure it's genetic.
Aaron has put a dent in our armor - there are certainly many more bad pictures since he has joined the family.
The boys drawing.
Lexa does not like cold water, which we found out rather quickly, this particular day!!
Here's Tim, me and Alexa!
The make-shift baby nursery at the park. The three baby girls, napping.

Review - Safety Tat

I was recently given the opportunity to review a product call SafetyTat.
I had heard of these once a while ago and thought they sounded like a neat idea. They are fake tattoos that you apply to your child when your child goes out, they have your telephone number printed on them, in case of emergency or separation.

As part of the review I was allowed to pick a single-line tattoo design of my choice - having both a boy and girl I wanted to go with a neutral choice - which was easy to find among the large selection of choices. We went with a giraffe.

When we received our tattoos we were delighted to find that we also were sent a sample pack of the quick-stick write-on tattoos as well.

The safety-tattoos work just like a fake tattoo would, you apply with a wet washcloth/papertowel and peel off the backing. They lasts for up to 5 days (though the recommendation is to apply a new tattoo each day). The quick-stick write-on tattoos work more like a band-aid and are supposed to last up to two weeks (and are waterproof).
(On the left is a quick-stick and on the right is a safety-tat)

I applied a fake tattoo to Lexa and a quick-stick  write on onto Treyton. I prefer the application process of the quick-sticks, nice and easy and no need for water. However, the quick stick is fairly easy to peel off so if you have a child who likes to touch and mess with everything (like my darling son) I doubt that one of these would make it 2 weeks --- we made it a day before he managed to pull up and edge and lose the stickiness.
The fake tattoos, are great for younger kids who may want to mess with the tattoo, it does not come up as easily. But the quick-stick tattoos have the advantage of you writing your own phone number (or any other information) on the tattoo with the tattoo marking pen at the time of application so depending on who your child may be with at the time this may be a handy feature.
(this is a picture of the second quick-stick we applied on Treyton)

Luckily we didn't really need to put one of these to the test as far as an actual emergency goes, but we did apply them when we went out to some rummage sales a few weekends ago. Having a safety-tat can bring you some peace of mind knowing that if something were to happen your child wouldn't have to remember your phone number in order for you to be contacted. In Lexa's case this isn't even possible yet so, I think these are a very creative resource to have, especially when traveling or visiting a highly-populated or crowded area.

SafetyTat also offers alert tattoos for allergies, autism, diabetes, etc. which I thought was pretty neat.

I received safety-tats free for review purposes through mamabzz. The opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Love & War Giveaway

Awhile ago I posted on the book "Love and War". I thoroughly enjoyed the book, so when I was given the opportunity to give away a copy on the blog I was super excited!

So for those of you that are interested in receiving a copy of "Love and War" just leave a comment.

For additional entries:
~ Become a new follower or subscriber (2 entries)
~ Post about this giveaway on your blog (3 entries)

For each entry please leave a separate comment on the blog (not on facebook). Please leave your e-mail address for a way to contact you.

The giveaway will end on June 8th.

I will e-mail the winner and announce it on my blog.
Good Luck!!

CSN Winner

The Winner of the CSN Giveaway was selected by

#43 which was
Dina who said
"I am a new follower through google friend connect 2"

Congratulations Dina!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Audrey - 2 Months

Audrey's 2 month numbers

10 pounds 12 ounces (practically doubled in weight) - 38%
23.5 inches long - 82%
15.5 inch head circrumference - 60%

She checked out great! We aren't giving her vaccinations so it was a simple easy wellness check-up and we were able to leave with a happy baby!!

I cannot believe she is already 2 months old.... time is flying!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Park Day

After work yesterday Tim had the fun idea of picking up some take-out and taking the kids to a park somewhere, I wanted to bring the kids to the nature center up in Green Bay anyway so we headed up to Bay Beach.
We went to the park first and I got lots of cute pictures (prepare for overload)

This one is actually once we got to the nature center but I just love it!

I'm telling you a broken arm does not slow this kid down even a little bit!! 

Treyton and Lexa were very excited about the seesaw. 
Then the whole family got involved!! Dad and Audrey against Me, Treyton and Alexa.... Dad and Audrey won. 
.... or should I say lost? 
Lexie was so cute on the slides 
And here are a few of Treyton 

I call Treyton the "joker" because of his photogenic smile :)

Is it wrong that there is something appealing about this picture :) (yes, I'm kidding)
And, while we were there we fed the seagulls!! Tim said that they were aggressively circling the table after the kids and I got up so he moved the extra food down and got out of their way. 

Oh... and here's one more ---- we had a great time. Thanks Tim for bringing it up!