Wednesday, May 12, 2010

10 of My Favorite Things

I saw this blog hop at both Ticia's and Virginia's blogs and really wanted to get in on the action.
So here is a list of my 10 favorite things (in no particular order) - I am going to leave Jesus off the list because I feel like He's a given, nothing else in my life would make much sense without Him.

1. My hubby - Tim makes everything else in my life better. Everything. Being a mom is great because of him, I love the look we share when our children do something cute or funny, or the pride we share when someone compliments us regarding them, and the fierceness we share about protecting, raising and training them according to God's Word. I love spending time with him, his cooking, his heart of service, his heart to love me well, his honesty with me, his attraction to me. I love the fact that he's my partner and that I never feel alone because I know he's on my side. I love the security I have found in him and how I've never felt this with anyone else in my life (except maybe my sister, Skye). I love him.... I love all of him... and I love that he's not perfect, because I really used to think he was.

2. My children - I love being a mom. I never knew how much I would love being a mom until I became one. I love that I stay at home with my children. I love knowing them better than anyone else in the world (besides maybe Tim). I love that they love me back. I love that they are funny and that they make me laugh every day.  I love that becoming a mom has made me a better person and that they stretch me and challenge me in ways no one else has come close to.

3. Books ---- I don't even know how to describe my relationship with books and if I could I probably wouldn't because it would be too much information for you!! Honestly, I don't know how such a relationship develops. There is something about books, I get a rush anytime I am around them!! And I know this is a little weird but I really enjoy smelling books. I read all types of books, but no kidding, I like the ones that smell good the best. My favorite titles; hmm, I don't know if I can answer this but I would have to say "Redeeming Love"by Francine Rivers for fiction and for non fiction "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan or "Waking the Dead" by John Elderedge or "Radical" by David Platt or "Spectacular Sin" by John Piper... all excellent books.

4. Thunderstorms... during the day. I love when you can see a storm rolling in, the smell it brings, the power of lightning and thunder, the fear and excitement that comes along with it all.... I especially love it on a warm day when you can open the door or window and feel the wind blowing... there is just something about it. 

5. Sweets - I never would have said this before I had babies, but certainly since this last pregnancy - I love chocolate. Snickers, Kit-Kats, Double Stuffed Oreos (don't waste me time with the regular ones), ice cream treats, it doesn't make a difference, I love them all and I am usually craving for them (I'd say about 80% of the time).

6. My Bible - I love my Bible, I love all Bibles really, but my Bible is the BEST. I love reading it, I love marking in it, I love to go back and try to make sense of the markings, I love writing notes in the side. I love that I love my Bible, and that my Bibles pages are starting to fall out in the back. I love the worn look it's developing , and the way my husband looks at it and my children recognize it. But mostly I love to study the words between the covers. I love when I read the Word of God and receive a fresh revelation, when the Word jumps off the page into my heart. When I connect the dots between a puzzle I've seen a thousand times before. I love when the Word becomes more than a book, it becomes truth and life in my heart.... I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it. I love that I have the freedom to read it and talk about it whenever I want.

7. Worship - Good worship time is great. When you get in that place where you're not thinking about anything but God and you.... it's amazing. My favorite kind of worship happens between just me and God at home alone, but corporate worship is also a great and irreplaceable part of my life. I love worship music... the good kind, the kind you sing out really loud and you can't help raising your hands up to God in true surrender and worship to Him.... ahhhh....

8. Organizing and Finishing Projects - whether it's a unit in school, a lesson plan, a Bible study, a book, a sewing project or cleaning out a closet. I love organizing it all to accomplish a goal and I love finishing it. When I complete something I see a big check mark in my minds-eye. I feel like I actually accomplished something - big or small it's a good feeling.

9. The Smell of my Vacuum - Yes, I know, this is a weird one, I have things with smells.... and this one might be the best.

10. Alone Time/Blogging I love my alone time, I need my alone time. These days when I get my alone time I use it blogging or scrapping. I need peace and quiet throughout the day and I need an outlet to express myself. Whether it's my quiet time with the Lord, journaling, blogging or scrapping it all satisfies that part of me. I have found that this is an important part of my day, and that it's good for me to take this time. It helps me to relax, think and separate myself from the stresses of they day. It's like a mommy-time-out and I LOVE it!!

This is a blog hop so feel free to join in the action - I would enjoy seeing some of the things you love!


Virginia Lee said...

Totally agree with you on the part about your Bible. Except I feel like that about my Bible that is. Caleb even drew in it when he was younger and I love this as well. Even though he did get in trouble cause we do not draw in books.

The vacuum thing though. I cannot agree with you there. It reminds me of cleaning and I do not like that. Have to say you are the only person I know who likes how their vacuum smells. That made me smile. =)

Ticia said...

I think I've had to replace two different Bibles because they had fallen apart so much from disuse. Now, I'm rotating between so many different Bibles no one is getting more use.

Our Country Road said...

Finishing a project is the best feeling! Welcome to the blog hop!