Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dedication Pictures

We dedicated all three of our kids this past Sunday at church... here are a few pictures of the big day!
Here is a picture of our family of five the right before the dedication
Here we are sitting :)
Here are our kids with the pastor.

Here is our family trying to take a family picture... Lexa is obviously not cooperating and tired here. Glad we had Autumn take a few before the service :)
Here we are with the Schoessow side, I'm sad to say there isn't a good one of my side of the family, but I'm hoping the photographer was able to do a little photoshop magic and I might be able to post that one with my parents.


Tami Jo said...

HOORAY!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures - you all looked beautiful! Amber I really liked your skirt - super cute!

Amber said...

It was a new skirt! Thanks for noticing. I really like it and I want to wear it all the time, I'm resisting the urge.