Friday, May 28, 2010

End of May Pictures - Part 2

Here is part two of our busy week:
Mommer let the kids eat dinner in the garage one night when Tim and I (and Audrey) were at CHEA
Mommer got Treyton a new hat at Target, he wears it all the time!!
Jaime and Audrey...from our playdate on Tuesday
Playdate with friends... water gun fight!
The water was well watered after this play date, and so were the kids!

Kisses for Papa Mike! Lexa loves her Paw Paw Mike - I even caught her sitting in the corner by herself practicing his name after he had left.
Lexa's favorite jammies
Music makers- performing for PaPa Mike
Tummy time
Our new swimming pool - The water is at about 74 - 76 degrees. Perfect for Treyton, way too cold for Lexie.
Treyton in the pool

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For His Glory said...

Love all the pics!!! I like the pool. We will have to come back and try it out!