Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Park Day

After work yesterday Tim had the fun idea of picking up some take-out and taking the kids to a park somewhere, I wanted to bring the kids to the nature center up in Green Bay anyway so we headed up to Bay Beach.
We went to the park first and I got lots of cute pictures (prepare for overload)

This one is actually once we got to the nature center but I just love it!

I'm telling you a broken arm does not slow this kid down even a little bit!! 

Treyton and Lexa were very excited about the seesaw. 
Then the whole family got involved!! Dad and Audrey against Me, Treyton and Alexa.... Dad and Audrey won. 
.... or should I say lost? 
Lexie was so cute on the slides 
And here are a few of Treyton 

I call Treyton the "joker" because of his photogenic smile :)

Is it wrong that there is something appealing about this picture :) (yes, I'm kidding)
And, while we were there we fed the seagulls!! Tim said that they were aggressively circling the table after the kids and I got up so he moved the extra food down and got out of their way. 

Oh... and here's one more ---- we had a great time. Thanks Tim for bringing it up! 

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