Sunday, May 9, 2010

Refocusing, On The Things I Love

This morning we had the pleasure (after putting it off for way to long) of publicly dedicating our children to the Lord. With the dedication coming up, and the fact that it was on Mother's Day, the Lord began to put some things on my heart about being a parent and all the things that are important, or not important to me anymore. I don't always treasure the things that I should and I have a tendency to focus on things that don't matter, making mountains out of mole hills.

This past week my sister-in-law, who is 35 weeks pregnant and has placenta previa was admitted into the hospital to stay on bed rest. Though I know she isn't laying in bed with a huge grin on her face all the time, she is doing so good at focusing on the positive things around her. I'm taking a page from her book - so here are some things in my life that I love, that I can sometimes look at the wrong way or not acknowledge when I should!!

I love....

....that my children can be children in our home. Included in this is the fact that I love that our ouch is a trampoline and that our children are comfortable in our home. I love that they are able to relax, play, learn, make mistakes, succeed and experience life here without it being an inconvenience for us. I really love that.

....that Treyon's biggest behavioral problem right now is trying to take care of his sister. His bossiness, though it needs to be rerouted, stems from his sensitive heart and desire to take care of her.

.... that Alexa loves her dad in a way that I can't fully understand.

.....that my children are able to be home every day to make a mess of all of their toys, and that they are learning how to clean up after themselves. 

....that Tim and I are our children's best friends and that they want to play with us all the time.

.... how Treyton repeats the same "broken arm" joke over and over.

.... that Alexa has hair on her head, messy or not, I really thought she would be bald until she turned 2!!

.....that Audrey's favorite place to be is in my arms.

.... that Tim was more lenient than I was when it came to fun and games and a clean house and that he taught me this before we had kids so that I could reteach him after we had kids.

.... the way my children laugh when they watch America's Funniest Videos and how my husband and I laugh as hard as they do; and I love how Lexie laughs even though she has no idea what's going on, and how she squeals whenever it's an animal video and how Treyton gets louder at each video telling Tim and I to "watch this one!"

..... that Tim and I's bed is a wrestling mat for our family and a safe place for our kids to be 

.... when Treyton will tell Tim and I at the dinner table to "lets tell about our day", even if we already know each others day.

.... that our family says "hallelujah" instead of "amen" after our prayers. 

.... that our shower, even though it's in the master suite, is full of kids toys


Ticia said...

amen to that!

For His Glory said...

I like the messy house comment:)