Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Treytonism: Brotherly Love

Lately we have been dealing with issues of sharing between the kids. Neither one of them are innocent in this area.
This morning in particular they were fighting over something.After I had felt like I had handled the situation, I had walked away and told Treyton to go get dressed for the day. As he walked past Lexa he pushed her over.
Treyton got a time-out, after a while, I went in to talk to him we talked about how important it is to love our family and sister and how we should show that love. This has been our primary lesson with Treyton lately. I have told him that if he can't treat her kindly he has no business playing with other friends or going outside of our home to do fun things, he needs to show love and kindness in our house first.

This morning we went through it all again. Treyton apologized to Lexie and he lost his sharing magnet for the day (off of his responsibility chart).
We continued getting dressed and as Treyton was putting on his favorite socks (spiderman), he said "I love spiderman. I like spiderman. You know how much?"
"How much?" I asked
"Not as much as Lexa!!"


Tami Jo said...

Oh Treyton...I have no words except that you made me laugh today and that I am praying for you mommy and daddy!

Virginia Lee said...

Love it. Too cute!