Monday, May 17, 2010

Treytonism: A little bit of Fun

This afternoon, after I laid Lexa down, I was trying to take a nap with Audrey while Treyton took some quiet time in the school room. Right as I was starting to doze off I heard a scream... one of those screams.... I jumped up out of bed and ran towards the direction of the scream. I found Treyton in the bathroom.

He screamed to me "SOMETHING WENT UP MY NOSE!!!!"
I was thinking maybe a bug flew in his nose or something, or maybe that he tried to pick a scab and hurt himself (he has a real  nose picking problem). I tilted his head back and looked in his nostrils. He was still screaming.
I didn't see anything in his nose, and said "Treyton, I don't see anything, why don't you try to blow?"

He managed to calm himself down for a moment and gave me the biggest blow ever and out popped a little blue gel ball (it came from one of those window cling men)!! I couldn't believe it!! I seriously hadn't seen anything in his nose!!

I said "Oh my word, Treyton! Why would you put this in your nose?!?!"
With tears in his eyes he said "I don't know, I just wanted to have a little bit of fun"

Lord, help me! He sounds JUST LIKE HIS DAD!!

Thankfully this is the first time he has ever put anything in his nose, and it scared him bad enough that I don't think he will be doing it again anytime soon!


Mommer said...

His Daddy never put anything up his nose with the exception of his finger. However, my sister (Linda) did, she put a crayola up there so far she had to go to the Dr. to remove it.

Amber said...

It's not the putting the object up the nose that reminds me of Tim, it's the "fun" over thinking it through. :)