Thursday, May 13, 2010

Treyton's Arm Update

Today we went to the doctor to get Treyton's cast removed.
After they took x-rays we headed back to see the doctor.
When the doctor came in he took a look at Treyton's cast. Treyton's normal doctor was out of town, we were seeing one of his associates. He asked Treyton how his cast/arm was feeling? And began to look at his arm. He asked Treyton to squeeze his fingers, wiggle his fingers and if he could feel his touch. Treyton was able to do all of the above.

He then had us look at the x-rays taken today and three weeks ago. The ones taken today to the untrained eye looked worse than the ones taken three weeks ago. He said that Treyton was 75% healed and he showed us where the calcium growth was around the fractures. He said if Treyton were an adult he wouldn't have a problem removing the cast but because we have a rambunctious 4 year old on our hands it is probably wise to keep the cast on. Tim and I fully agreed, with Treyton's love for adventure, he doesn't always heed our warnings about being careful and we would rather be safe than sorry.

He told us that we could keep the same cast on or replace the cast. Because Treyton (and mom and dad) had his heart set on getting his cast off we decided to go ahead and get a new cast - orange this time!!
When I told Treyton that he wasn't going to get his cast taken off, but that he was going to have to wait 10 days, he said "10 days isn't that long." I was so proud of him, and how well he took it. He is seriously such a sweetheart. 

We had been warning Treyton that when they took his cast off his elbow might be a little sore and hurt because he hasn't move it in a while. When they took the cast off Treyton was able to bend his elbow back and forth. He said it didn't hurt at all. The doctor squeezed on his arm a little bit and asked Treyton if it hurt he said "no" and the doctor said "you're tough!"

The doctor said that he didn't expect Treyton to have any problem regaining full movement in his arm, he was already able to bend it straight out and put his palm down, he thinks it won't take long for him to get his palm straight up.

We have our next appointment on the 24th with the original doctor that set and cast Treyton's arm and we are fairly certain that we will be getting the cast off. Though we're not making any promises this time!!

(I apologize about the picture quality.... I didn't have my camera, only my phone) 

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Virginia Lee said...

What a wonderful attitude he has. I don't know if I would have been as gracious. I would have wanted that thing off!!

Orange looks good Treyton. =)