Thursday, June 24, 2010


Welcome to the very first recorded Alexaism!!crying

This afternoon, after lunch, Treyton was outside spraying stuff with the hose. Lexie was standing at the door watching him. They were getting a kick out of Treyton spraying the glass door between them.

Lexa finally came into my bedroom, where I was nursing Audrey. She climbed up on the stool looking out the bedroom window and started hollaring for Treyton to come around the corner. 



I said “Knock on the window, maybe he will hear you then”

She gave a couple small knocks and then next thing I know, she slams her head forward and head butts the window!

I said” Lexa!! Are you okay?!”

She gives me her best pouty lip, grabs her head and says “Duh!”

1 comment:

Crystal Roberts said...

"Of course Mommy, I did it on purpose"
LOve it!