Friday, June 11, 2010

He Satisfies

A few days ago I posted on seeking the Presence of God, I encourage you to read it, but the gist of the post was that the desire to feel God's Presence is a good thing, but it's not enough, we need to be actively seeking it.
I based this on Psalm 105:4 "Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continually!"
Such an encouraging and convicting verse to me because though I long to feel the Presence of God in my life, most of the time I'm too busy to stop and seek it, I just expect it to come and half blame God when it doesn't.

I have just entered an extremely busy time in my life. We just started homeschooling this week - Kindergarten and tot school with our oldest 2 children, Audrey is 3 months old (need I say more?), we put the kids in swimming classes, planted our first vegetable garden and I accepted a position on the TOS Crew (I will be reviewing curriculum and homeschooling products) which I recently realized that this is like accepting a part-time position, it involves a lot of work and dedication; which I don't mind - it's just the point of adding one more thing to my already full list; and this isn't even mentioning my other household, mothering and wife responsibilities or church or the fact that my husband is working many more hours this week - and the ones to come.
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, everything is under control, and so far things are running smoothly, and I am loving our life, I wouldn't do all this stuff if I didn't want to, it's just to say, I don't often make a priority of seeking God throughout my day, and even if He is revealing Himself to me, I am often so busy I am not even noticing.

BUT in the last few days I am trying to change that. I am trying to slow down. None of my responsibilities have changed, but my mindset has. So, when I'm doing the things like weeding my garden, or laundry (quieter activities) I pray, and I seek. I try to clear my head and just forget the next thing on the list, I stop rushing, and I am seeking.

There has been a big difference.

Psalm 107:9 says "For He satisfies the longing soul and the hungry soul He fills with good things."

I love the way God works. When I first read it, it literally jumped off the page. A promise to satisfy and fill me is an such an encouragement to the steps of faith I am trying to take. In a chapter of scripture based on forgiveness and restoration this verse is applicable to my life, and the lives of all of us.

He satisfies and He fills. Every need I have, He can meet. Every weak moment or weak thought, He can strengthen. His presence, which I am seeking, He is giving.

Praise God for who He is! Praise God for what He is doing!

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Michelle said...

I will say a prayer or two for you, Amber! I have a post coming up on Monday you need to take the time out of that busy schedule to read!

Good luck with the veggies! We expanded ours this year. I don't do much work in it...actually right now I need to be out de-weeding the corn instead of sitting here reading blogs!

Sit back and don't let the glorious life God has gave you pass you by!