Friday, June 11, 2010

Potty Trained

BIG NEWS - Lexie decided it was time to be potty trained! 

We had been going back and forth with her for a while, never really pressing the issue for more than two days at a time, here and there. Nothing too serious, we knew she knew when she went potty and that she could go on the potty but we also knew her personality can be a little challenging at times. When she would go on the potty we would give her two treats, sing a little song, cheer, and so on. She had more successes than failures when she would be wearing her underwear, but I was asking ever 20-30 minutes if she needed to potty, if I missed when she had the urge, she would have an accident.
The last two weeks have been extremely busy so we hadn't done any potty training. Lexa would tell me here or there that she needed to go potty and I would just say "You're going to have to go in your diaper." She would say "OK, I went pee"  

Yesterday morning Lexa asked to wear underwear, reluctant, I decided she could. Within 30 minutes she had an accident on the bathroom floor, trying to get on the potty. I was in the other room, I didn't even know she was going to go, she just did it herself.
I asked her if she wanted to put her diaper on again and she said "Yeaahhhh", the way only Alexa can say it :)
So I did, 15 minutes later she said "I need to pee" and went to the potty and did it HERSELF!!
I went ahead and moved the potty chair in the school room so it would be close to us, and she went potty another 4 times - with no accidents - completely on her own!!
I did put a diaper on her when she went to nap, but she didn't use it for the 2 hours she slept and went potty when she woke up.

She got her hair cut last night for the first time so I put a diaper on her when we went out. When we got to the salon she told me she needed to pee. I brought her to the bathroom and held her over the toilet (I'm not ready to let her sit on public potties), this weirded her out so she said "no, don't like, no pee" I said okay, put her diaper back on and she went and got her hair cut. She warned me and then told me when she peed in her diaper while getting her hair cut. Today she is back in underwear with so far no accidents, same motivation as yesterday!!

She is still getting treats when she goes, but other than that she is doing it all on her own. 

This story is such a perfect representation of her personality. She is a good girl, smart and funny. But you have to know how to handle her. If you tell her how to do something, she will go out of her way to do it another way, if you force her it's never going to work, but if you let her be and ignore her for a little while she amazes you by doing exactly what you wanted her to do the entire time.
It takes a little more time this way and a little bit of patience but she comes around, on her own terms :)


Kerri said...
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Kerri said...

How sweet, Amber! Alexa sounds like a typical “middle child” who is very independent, very private, and likes to do things her own way, in her own timing, and with no help. I have just the middle child called “Lisa”, who after 15 years she still surprises me, and I’m still trying to get inside her head. I have a friend who once told me.... “Don’t even TRY to get inside the head of a middle child.... you never will.” They grow up to be independent thinkers, who don’t care what the world thinks.... they will do things their own way.... They make great entrepreneurs..... They are amazing people, treasure these young years when you have SOME say in things ;-)

Catherine said...

Yay! Go Lexa! I'm so glad you posted this because we just introduced the potty to Abby yesterday. She will be 2 next week. I wasn't planning to start this early, and by Day 2, I'm a bit tired of cleaning up all the messes, but your post encouraged me to keep going. She really loves it and it makes her feel like a big girl, so I guess it can't hurt. :) I train the same way you do. I put her in underwear and I set a timer for every 30 minutes. So far, she's gone in the potty once. The rest of the times it has been in her underwear, and she tells me as it's happening. Hopefully she'll get the idea to tell me sooner! :)

Amber said...

Kerri, it's so funny you say that, my husband and I are both middle children I'm the second born like my lexa and Tim is a third born (both out of 4).
I have said over and over that I absolutely understand why she does what she does! And that she reminds me of me. Tim on the other hand... he doesn't get it her, but loves her...
I think he's made to love a woman like us?
Too funny!