Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Strawberry Jam

It’s strawberry season!!

IMG_0007This past week Treyton, Mommer and Aunt Toni went strawberry pickin’. I was so excited, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to get out with the three kids by myself, so this was a perfect opportunity to get some fresh self-picked strawberries that I could freeze and make jam from.

Side Note: something interesting I found out was what the difference is between jam and jelly. Jam is made by smashing any type of fruit and adding an equal amount of sugar, simmering until it reaches the proper consistency. Jelly on the other hand can only be made out of fruits that contain enough pectin to create it’s own “gelling” or by adding pectin to fruit (or fruit juices) but this will change the taste of the jellies.

IMG_0012 I knew I wanted to make jam (without store-bought pectin)  and I didn’t want to make my own homemade pectin either so I was on the hunt for a simple strawberry jam recipe without it.

Here were some of the sites I found:

A beginner Tutorial on How to Make Jam

Making Strawberry Jam without Pectin

Easy Canning Process

From these sites, and my short-term memory from the last time I made Strawberry jam. My recipe looked something like this.

IMG_0011 Strawberry Jam

6 Cups of Strawberries

3-4 Cups of Sugar (I used organic cane sugar) but regular white sugar would work.

2 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice

Bring to a boil in a large pan. Turn down the heat and keep at a boil, but not a hard boil. Stir occasionally to keep from sticking. After about 20 minutes (or when you think it’s starting to get thick enough) do the wrinkle test – put a sample on a small plate and stick in the fridge for 1-2 minutes, take out and touch with your finger if it wrinkles it’s ready. If not, keep on for another 5-10 minutes and repeat the test.

Take off the heat and ladle into jars when you think it’s ready.

I use the water bath to can/seal my jars.


* To Make Strawberry Rhubarb Jam – do 3 cups of strawberries, 3 cups of rhubarb, keep everything else the same

* To make Strawberry - Rhubarb - Jalepeno Jam add 2 jalepenos to the strawberry rhubarb recipe.  (This was great by the way!! A little spicy but well balanced with the sweetness of the Strawberry Rhubarb – Yum!)

We love our jam!! It taste great!

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