Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vegetable Garden

Living out in the country, we knew we wanted to put in a vegetable garden, we didn't last year because Tim hurt his hand. So this year we finally did it --- I am so proud!

We planted:
Green Pepper
Jalepeno Pepper
Green Beans, Pole

So far everything has come up and is growing really well except for the carrots.... but now that I've done a little research on carrots I'm not sure I planted them in the right conditions. They say carrots do best in cooler temperatures and that you should plant them a week or so before the last frost. I planted mine in probably the hottest week on the year in about 90 degree weather. They also said to work the soil 12 inches down, which I didn't do either. Oh well, you live and learn and next year I will do better.

For all of our vegetables I created labels that the kids could read (with pictures), laminated them and put them in our garden.
Getting ready to till the soil
The kids have been a big help with the garden, weeding, watering and watching. Lexa doesn't realize she isn't supposed to walk on the plants, but she is learning.... slowly.

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