Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alexaism: A Time to Cry

Alexa's Bee This morning Lexie woke up and right away said she needed to go potty. She sat on the potty for a while but didn’t go (this happens). I asked her if she wanted to get off, she said ‘no’ I walked off. Treyton did not, soon enough they started fighting. Treyton wanted Alexa to get off the potty, Alexa didn’t want to.

I came back in, broke up the fight, and a little while later Lexie got off the potty all on her own.

She was still pretty upset about the whole thing (not being able to pee, fighting for a seat on the pot, etc.) and she said to me.

“I wa ci”

“What?” I asked “You want Skye?”

“No, I wa cwy”

“You want to cry?”

“Yeah!! My eyes.” She says as she points to her eyes.

“It’s okay if you want to cry honey, you take a minute, cry if you need to.”

“K” she said and she gave me a hug.


Like I’ve said too many times before to count…. she is her mama’s daughter!


Crystal Roberts said...

So precious! I reallly enjoyed this, something I am trying to teach our children (with a hug like you did) it is ok yo cry : )
Great post!

Catherine said...

How precious is that! She's so cute I can't stand it! :)

Alexis said...

Yes, Lexie it is okay to just cry. You keep reminding Mama of that 'cause sometimes she forgets! Love Ya Am, you are a GREAT mom.