Sunday, July 4, 2010

First Hair Cut

On June 10th, Lexie got her hair cut for the first time!! 

We took her to Fantastic Sams.

We had debated it for a while, because it was getting to the point that we were dealing with lots of snarls and knots, and we both (Lexie and I) hated having to comb her hair because it hurt. She also had a bad habit of getting food in her hair every time she would eat (not all that different from Big Mama!)

Lexie’s hair grew in like a mullet, where the top was still pretty short, but the back had quite a bit of length to it. This caused it to hang in her eyes pretty badly. It drove me nuts, for the past year I have been pinning it back as often as I could just to keep her from looking like she was “unkept” :)

A week or so before I brought her in I cut the front to look more like bangs than wispies. It was nothing really, I couldn’t even gather enough of the clippings to put into her baby book, but it did make a big difference in her look (I think).

I think her hair turned out super cute, but Tim and I both agree we want to grow the bangs out, it’s going to take a while, and they are going to hang in her face a lot until they get the weight they need to fall to the side instead of the front.

First Hair Cut 6.10.10

Here is a picture of the first cut… I was holding my breath!

First Hair Cut 6.10.10-3

She sat very still for the stylist.

First Hair Cut 6.10.10-6

She doesn’t look very happy here, and I suppose she wasn’t she doesn’t really like people she doesn’t know touching her :)



First Hair Cut 6.10.10-8

First Hair Cut 6.10.10-7


I really love how it turned out, I think it makes her look older, and it shows her personality. It’s bouncy and light. Super cute.