Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Alexa!

Happy 2nd Birthday Alexa!! 

IMG_0140When I think about you, I have no words – my heart swells and a big smile comes across my face. I can’t help it. You bring me pure joy.  A miracle, from the beginning, and from the moment I knew you were no longer just a dream but a reality you brought me joy and helped give me the peace and hope that I had lost.

I hope you have not only a wonderful day but a wonderful year as well!! You deserve it!! IMG_0110

I love that you remind me of me, we are both second born daughters and I think that gives us a special bond, though we are impossible to understand I “get” you and I can tell you “get” me too :)! It’s something that no one can (or should) spend too much time thinking about, because lets be honest, we’re too much!!

An independent nature for sure, you are one of the smartest most adorable 2 year olds I have ever met. You melt hearts. Even strangers can barely pass you by without cracking a smile or giving you a wink. You draw the attention of those around you and you bring a sparkle and smile wherever you go. This is a gift, daughter, cherish it and nurture it. Don’t let the world and worries squash that fun-loving nature I wish I had held onto a little longer.

IMG_0123 Thank you for making me laugh every day and reminding me that hugs are more important than laundry and chores. Thank you for the twinkle you brought to your Daddy’s eye, for making Treyton work for it and giving him the sister he needed, and for loving Audrey without question or doubt.

IMG_0105 You are an invaluable irreplaceable part of our family and being your mom has been the best gift in the world. I love you.

You are who you are, and I love that about you!!

Happy Birthday Baby,

Your Mom


Catherine said...

Aww, happy birthday Alexa! :)

Crystal Roberts said...

Spoken straight from your mommy heart, so precious! Happy Birthday little one!