Monday, July 12, 2010

Lexie’s Party 7.11.10

We had Lexa’s birthday party this past weekend.

As our families grow so do the number of kids at our parties. We now have a bunch of cousins, which make for both busy and exciting parties!!


We actually had 6 babies under the age of 8 months in attendance! (and only one of them was a friend and not family!

IMG_0014We truly feel blessed that most of our family travels 2 hours to make it to our birthday parties.

Lexie’s birthday party theme was Veggie Tales.


Our immediate family were the primary decorations. I decided instead of buying a bunch of veggie tales plates, cups and wall decor – that our family could be the veggie tale theme. I bought us each a different shirt which we wore that day.

IMG_0051I bought a Veggie Tales cake pan off of e-bay for $10 which my mother in law baked and decorated – it turned out beautifully – it was actually hard to cut it up :(

IMG_0057 We served tacos, veggies and fruit. Easy but definitely a family favorite!!

IMG_0122 We feel so blessed to be surrounded by such great friends and family who support us and our children – thank all of you who took the time to make Alexa’s birthday so special.


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Crystal Roberts said...

Wow, what a couch full! Love all the pictures, the cake, the babies, what a blessed life you have. Happy birthday to your little one!