Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So I’ve been slowly learning more and more about photoshop.

Check out what I did today:



IMG_0180_2  Altered More:

IMG_0180_1 So what do you think?


Crystal Roberts said...

I think good job! I love figuring things out just don't love all the time it takes : )

Catherine said...

Cute! I like the color pop.

Be careful. :) Photo editing is highly addicting!


kta said...

I love the diagonal perspective in the photo. Your overall editing is very nice =)

Tana said...

You did a great job! Isn't Photoshop awesome, I can't wait to get CS4 or CS5 which should come in my school supplies within the next 3 weeks! I've created some pretty neat things too in Photoshop CS, and learned how to draw with the pen tool; so cool! Now I'm going to work on learing how to animate with it 'cause my class for that is to far away, and I can't wait that long. Maybe I'll post some of my creations.
I love graphic design!