Saturday, July 24, 2010

Treytonism: Seeing Jesus

Bike My beloved grandpa passed away two months ago. In the process of grieving for our loss and planning his funeral which we then attended, Treyton and I had several new conversations about death, heaven and God.

I was able to tell him with certainty that grandpa was in heaven with Jesus. He was interested in the concept and asked lots of questions at one point he said “So now we know three persons that are in heaven with Jesus.”

“Three?” I asked – he was obviously referring to my grandpa and his cousin Trent, but I wasn’t sure who his third was. “Which three people do we know?”

“Trent, Grandpa and Chaus…. you know the dog that used to be by mommer’s house?”

Chaus was Mommer’s neighbor’s dog that died a while ago, but that Treyton had fallen in love with. He loved to play catch with him and when we would pull up he would say “Chaus!!”


A couple of weeks after my grandpa died Treyton started playing a new game with himself – which he called “playing dead”. He would lay really still under a blanket for 10-20 minutes at a time (this is a REALLY long time for him to be still).

I have asked him about it several times, because I was concerned about his process of thinking and what motives he had for wanting to “play dead”.

Today, I asked him again and he came over to me and said “I’ll tell you a secret.”

I said “Okay…” trying to prepare myself for what he might say.

He said “I don’t want to really die, and go to heaven, but I want to see Jesus.”

“So that’s why you play dead, to try to see Jesus?” I asked



Wow… that never even crossed my mind… I’m actually speechless.

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Anonymous said...

That is so sweet, He is so cute and says some of the most amazing things I could not love him anymore than I already do he is so precious!