Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Alexaism: Man Voice

Alexa is absolutely hilarious, seriously, she is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Much of her humor though is in her expressions, which are hard to explain… so I decided to show you a few videos, in which we tried to capture her expression, sadly, we never seem to catch the “originals” but the encores are still cute.

The other night as I was getting dinner ready Lexie came in to the kitchen and after telling me she was hungry a couple of times she said (in her deepest “man voice”) “Eat now.” It was so funny… here she is later that night, while we tried to get it on video.

Lexa’s favorite book is “8 Silly Monkeys”, it’s not a hard book to memorize and with the number of times we’ve read it, it’s no surprise she’s got it down. Whenever we say “One fell off and bumped his head” We always thump her on her head, or she does it herself. Now, her most recent addition is wagging her finger and saying in her “man voice” “No more monkey’s jumping on the bed.” As you say it - So cute.

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