Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Audrey: 5 Months A Letter & Update


IMG_0128 copy Audrey,

My precious baby girl. My sweetheart. You are a dream come true – truly, you are. Your content personality has taught me so much in just  your 5 short months. I wish that I were more like you. Your smile is worth everything to me, and your laugh is one of the best sounds in the entire world. If joy were a sound, it would certainly be your laugh.

I am blessed to be your mom. To watch you grow and change from day to day is a miracle that I can’t quiet describe. You are beautiful, inside and out, and it’s obvious. I can’t wait to see what kind of woman you grow into. Regardless of who or what that is I pray that you are able to maintain your laid-back, content personality and that you continue to love well.

You are special and unique in the ways that I am not, I find that I am drawn to you because you somehow offset an unbalanced part of who I am, you’re like your dad! You’re the kind of baby that I can walk into your bedroom and find just laying in your crib smiling up at me, waiting patiently for someone to find you instead of crying and making a “dramatic” scene. You are the kind of baby that talks to me from across the room when you want to get my attention – it’s adorable and so much more polite than just yelling! You make me feel at peace. You are showing the world what a natural thing it is to slow down and enjoy a moment for what it is – a moment. These parts of you, these things you’ve helped me notice, have pushed me to grow, but not in a painful hard way rather a natural refreshing way. It’s like I’ve been waiting for you, and you’re finally here. You’re like a breath of fresh air.

Thank you for making me smile, and for helping me slow down and enjoy laughter as much as I do with you. Thank you for making my life seem easier instead of harder. In the midst of chaos you rarely seem to be a part of it, but rather a window of escape from it, that’s a gift, a piece of character you can’t fabricate. Keep that a part of who you are, it’s a safe welcoming place to be, a part of yourself that you can offer to others freely.

I love you,




I can’t believe that Audrey is 5 months old already!! Time is flying. I feel like I’m missing so much already. I swore that I would record ALL of my kids “firsts” and development equally, but I feel like time just isn’t allowing it. Audrey Ann2Starting about 2 weeks ago, Audrey started rolling over. Mostly from her back to her front, but a few times from the front to the back. She has really strong legs and is already pushing a little bit with her legs, not really crawling or moving yet, but she’s getting there. my girlsShe is the most happy baby. She is content and so easy to make laugh. She is ticklish all over, from her chin to her toes… it’s too much fun. I spend at least 20 minutes a day laughing with her, it’s one of the best moments as a mom I could ask for. Pure joy! IMG_0020

She is starting to find her hands on a regular basis, always a serious thumb sucker, but now she folds her hands in front of her and just stares at them. I think it’s really helping with the whole newborn eye-crossing thing :) IMG_0001

She loves to be a part of the action, but is just as happy observing as she is being in the middle of it all. She’s going to be a people-watcher (I can tell).

audrey 4 months

One of my favorite things to watch Audrey do is interact with Treyton and Alexa. She really loves them, and they make her smile just by getting in her face and talking to her. Alexa seems to be particularly drawn to Audrey, always coming up to her, kissing her, loving on her, covering her up, talking to her, it doesn’t really matter. Lexie loves to be near Audrey and goes out of her way to do so. It’s nice to see and you can tell Audrey appreciates the attention as well :) IMG_0018

Out of all of our children Audrey is the only one I have been able to say I see a little of myself in, but then I see her next to Alexa, or one of Lexie’s baby pictures and I think “maybe not” – you will definitely be able to tell these two girls are sisters!! 

Such a perfect addition to our family, we are truly blessed.


Alana Wiemann said...

She looks a lot like Alexa but then there are some pictures I see and I see Madison. SO she must look like you (us) because otherwise she wouldnt look like Madison!

Amber said...

I agree with you, I see alot of similarities between Madison and Audrey as well.

Michelle said...

That is so sweet and so encouraging. I loved seeing all the pictures. We have baby #3 on the way and I'm scared at times. I'll have a 3.5 yr old, a 2 yr old, and a newborn! Total reliance in God's grace to make sure I don't mess up is all I have!

She is adorable and I am so happy that she is such a content baby for you!

Anonymous said...

Geesh Amber, just reading that brought me to tears esp. with the song too. Where did u come from??? I admire you so much!!!

Sara Tredinnick

Crystal Roberts said...

You children are beautiful! I really enjoyed these pictures!