Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Commenting Update

I finally made the switch to disqus to manage my comments.

I planned on writing a big explanation to the reason why, but realized that Carissa over at 1+1+1=1 had taken the words write (sorry I couldn’t help myself) out of my mouth. So to learn more about some of the perks, head over there to read all about it.

My primary reason for making the switch is that it gives me your email. Email is the primary way that I respond to your comments. Using blogger’s commenting system this can take me too long and sometimes I am not even able to reply to some of your comments because blogger doesn’t require emails.

Another feature that Carissa pointed out to me that I think I am really like is that it emails you when other people (or myself) comment on a comment you leave. I love this feature because I think it will allow us (as readers to be better connected)l. (Side Note: be sure to check “notifications” when you set up your disqus account).

imageSetting up your account is super fast and easy, and can be done entirely in the comment section, it takes less than 15 seconds (for real!).

Thanks you guys for sticking with me through the switch!! :) 

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