Thursday, August 5, 2010

Door County Camping Trip 2010

This past weekend our family took a camping trip with part of my extended family (including my parents, two of my sisters and one of their husbands and our kids).

camping the group2 (The group at the top of the tower)

We headed up north to door county to the Potawatomi State Park. We got a group site for the first time which was really nice. We ended up having 5 tents up plus two screened areas and one child’s tent and we still had PLENTY of space for the kids to run around.

Camping1 (Potty Time)

There was a big loop around the two large group sites, so the three older kids (especially Ryan and Treyton) spent most of their time riding their bikes around. Which meant that Treyton literally thought he was in heaven.

camping look out (The three older cousins at a lookout point)

It ended up raining all through the night the first night and half the day on Saturday. This was a bummer. We had hoped to go swimming on Saturday but that didn’t happen. The kids still slept well (even with the rain) which was an answer to prayer and didn’t seem at all affected by the rain, so we were still able to have a good day. We decided to do breakfast at the nearest McDonalds Playland due to the whole “fire and rain” thing :) and the kids totally dug that.

camping towerSaturday afternoon, we did get the chance to climb the 75 foot scenic tower and overlook the Bay by over 225 ft. Very cool, and although heights are not my favorite, it really was beautiful and I managed not to get too anxious. 

camping 9 years ago (On the way up we passed a campground that Tim and I camped at nearly 9 years ago when we first started dating… I’m going to try to find the picture from then and compare)

This was our first camping trip since before Lexie was born and it was great!! I always thought it would be too hard to go with the kids being so young, but it went smoothly. Our family looks forward to doing it again, sometime soon maybe, next summer for sure. camping mom and lexa

camping mom and audrey camping dad and kids Dad and the kids at the exact camp site Tim and I camped at with our friends 9 years ago.

camping deer On a drive around the park, we saw a mom and two baby deer

camping grma and audrey

camping kisses

camping tower2

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