Monday, August 2, 2010

Foxy Lady’s Photo Shoot

The other day Treyton found a black and yellow argiope spider (which is a garden spider) directly outside our window in our flower garden. And as much as my fear of spiders screamed “Call Tim home to squash her NOW!!”, my love of learning and my annoyance for the gazillion mosquitoes directly outside our backdoor won out and instead I called Tim home to take some pictures of her. ;) (yes, I was too scared… plus the mosquitoes are really bad, and my husband REALLY loves me)

Treyton and I had a blast watching her throughout the day, between the two of us I think we checked on her every 5-10 minutes, so we saw a lot of cool things. We observed her catch several mosquitoes in her web and quickly eat them, and we also saw her wrap and store a larger prey (a fly perhaps?). There was a smaller spider on her web as well, which we learned was actually the male spider (who was responsible for weaving the darker, thicker, straight weave in the web that you’ll see). I nicknamed her “Foxy Lady” because for a spider I thought she was really beautiful. We, and by ‘we’ I mean, mostly me, were sad to see her go, (this type of spider eats her web every night and builds a new one somewhere else the following morning), but honored to be a spectator of her life, if only for a day.

Anyhoo…. her dominating presence and natural beauty made for an easy subject to photograph and play around with. So for those of you sitting at the edge of your seat to see her, here she is: IMG_0029

Very nice picture taking by my hubby if I do say so myself :) 

IMG_0029 copy

IMG_0029 copy 2

Tim’s favorite is the middle picture “some editing” my favorite is “more editing”.

What do you think?

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Jessica-MomForHim said...

Wow! That is a really cool looking spider. Glad you got some pictures of it!