Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Superhero!

This past weekend we celebrated Treyton’s 5th Birthday.

We went all out for superheroes and Spiderman, which was so perfect for our little man superhero. He just melts my heart.

His actual Birthday was Thursday which we spent together at home. Dad was here in the morning to open presents, and then went to work. While he was away we made cupcakes and played with some of Treyton’s new toys.

That evening we had Tacos (at Treyton’s request) and Little League practice – a perfect way to end his birthday.

Friday we did a Spiderman camping party with our family and friends. Treyton was “flying” high!!


Superheroes BirthdayTreyton insisted on wearing his cape and superhero glasses :) we were happy to oblige


Superhero RockstarOur Superhero Rockstar – jammin with his new electric guitar

CupcakesTreyton made his own cupcakes this year. I only scooped into the paper and baked them – he did the rest.

Yummy! 5th Birthday


Buddies2Treyton and his best friend, playing Spiderman!  Cake Treyton’s Spiderman Ice Cream Cake Family minus Audrey  Around the cake, Audrey was sleeping, otherwise it would have been a great family picture :)

Blue Tongue

Spiderman BoyThe “real” superhero Party and Presents Opening presents in front of the tent.


Scooter Treyton got a scooter, which he really wanted, from my mom dad and sister.      Surprise Spiderman surprised us by coming by the party (even mom was surprised!!)

Surprise2Treyton was a little taken back at first  Surprise3 However, Spiderman was very friendly, so Treyton warmed up pretty quickly.Surprise4 This is my overly ecstatic, very confused face…. where did this Spiderman come from?SpidermanHere is Treyton giving Spiderman his best “web shooting” 

Soccer with SpidermanPlaying Soccer with Spiderman, I don’t think there is anything better for this 5 year old little boy!!

Happy Birthday SongSpiderman, singing Treyton ‘Happy Birthday’

When asked later, Treyton said having Spiderman at his party was his favorite part, but the whole party party was a lot of fun though, he said. We had a great time, thanks to all of our friends and families who made it so great and made Treyton feel so special. It was a successful and relaxing party because of you all!  Treyton and I’s birthdays are a day a part so his party fell on my actual birthday, and there was no where else I would have rather spent my golden b-day either (it was that good)!

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