Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Little Boys Dream Come True

This past weekend my mother in saw that Spiderman was going to be at our local minor league baseball leagues game. Being the TOTALLY AWESOME grandparents that they are her and my father in law came up and took Treyton to the game and to meet IN PERSON, SPIDERMAN!!

After VBS on Friday I told Treyton that Mommer and Papa were on their way, Treyton was beyond excited!!

Treyton and Spiderman Spiderman taught Treyton the “web launch” technique.

Treyton and Spiderman2 Treyton and Spiderman3 Treyton and Spiderman4 Treyton and Mommer, silly … Treyton being silly…. Treyton and Mommer Treyton and Spiderman5 Treyton got Spiderman’s autograph in one of his spiderman books…. here he is showing us his autograph.

It was such a memorable night for Treyton, and it led to some much needed discussion on if Spiderman is “real” or not.

Thanks Mommer and Papa for a great night, one I don’t think Treyton will forget!!!

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