Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Mother’s Calling: Keeping the Sabbath Holy

Okay, despite my best intentions, this has taken me longer than it should have and I apologize.

A Mother's Calling

Sherri over at Fostering my Family is starting a very honorable meme that I want to be a part of called “A Mother’s Calling”. This week she is discussing the importance of the Sabbath and asking what we do in our home to inspire a love for this day. Her exact question was: Are you doing things to help your children LOVE the sabbath? Are you keeping the the day holy?image

For us, because our children are so young, the simple answer is that we aren’t doing much in regards to “teaching” but we do have a Sabbath routine and schedule which I feel like is teaching our children that this day is different and set apart. This is most important to Tim and I as parents. We have talked about the Sabbath often and our children understand that Sunday is for church, a “special” day to learn about Jesus and resting. At a young age I personally feel like a healthy respect for the Sabbath is more important than a love of  it (though I want them to LOVE it too).

We are attending both services at church right now, so that means we leave the house rather early. The morning is a rush of getting dressed and ready and getting out the door. So not much in the way of tradition or special-ness :)

After church we always share what each member of the family learned about in church, we’ve done this for as long as Treyton has understood what he learned in Sunday School. We felt like this was a good way for Treyton to recall what he just learned which in turns helps him to remember it later as well. Lexie is just getting into this now, she has just graduated to the 2-year old class and comes home with a lesson now.

We almost always go out to eat on Sunday’s the kids enjoy eating out, and it allows both mom and dad to take a little bit of a break from cooking and cleaning.

Occasionally we will plan special trips after church – to the local amusement park, a picnic lunch, lunch and a play date with other families, etc. - Due to family schedules, my side of the family holds most of our extended family events on Sunday, which means we might have a b-day to go to or some holiday. These are mostly summer events, but we make a point to still attend church in the morning regardless of what our schedule is for the rest of the day. We feel as though this shows our children that God comes first even when other things are going on.

It is a very RARE Sunday to not have a family nap time in the afternoon. For me, this is one of my favorite parts of Sunday and what makes it a Sabbath – a nap – it’s a beautiful thing. Tim and Treyton usually nap in the Living Room together OR do something just the two of them while the girls all nap. This is a special time for the two of them, regardless of what they do (a few weeks ago they went golfing, another time they went to the man store – aka Menards – to pick up a few supplies for a project, they’ll swim, ride their bikes, etc.).

I realize after typing this, we certainly have a Sabbath routine, but not much in the way of traditions per se.

Treyton for sure, understands the Sunday is a different kind of day, that it’s a church day, a day of rest and a day to learn about Jesus. I’m happy with that as his understanding at this point. Maybe we will do more in the future, but maybe not.

If you’re family has a special routine, traditions or lessons to teach the importance of love of the Sabbath, consider linking up here on Sherri’s blog. Thanks Sherri for starting this meme – I look forward to being a part of it in the future.

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