Monday, August 23, 2010

Treytonisms: Faith Like a Child

image We just started doing “Big Truths for Little Kids” devotional after dinner with the kids. We are loving it by the way and I highly recommend it as a devotional for families with younger kids.

We did it three nights this week and each day Treyton amazed us with what he seemed to know, what he wanted to know and his desire to know more about God. It’s so refreshing to talk to a child about God, what they believe about Him and their viewpoint on things. It can bring a lot of things into perspective and remind you of the importance of the “faith of a child”.

Treyton and Alexa Of course, we had our moments of distraction and off the wall subjects (I mean we’re still us :)) but all in all, three nights of success for sure.

Fun vs. Truth

On the second night of doing the devotion, we were talking about the Bible and Treyton (who often pretends he is spiderman while performing a show in our living room) told us about how that very afternoon, he was talking on the stage to the people about two books. And he told them “This book is fun [pointing to the storybook] but it isn’t true, but the Bible is true, it isn’t fun, but it’s God’s Word!!” after a short pause he did say “It’s fun after you read it though.”  Tim and I got a kick out of it. No truer words were probably spoken from the mouth of a child :)

Inspired, kinda like, SpidermanTreyton and Spiderman5

The third night of doing devotions Tim was reading about how the Bible is the inspired word of God. Treyton interrupted to tell us how that was like Spiderman. Tim looked at him a little confused and said “Not really, buddy.” and tried to keep reading. Treyton, not one to let things go, kept trying to explain how Spiderman was like the Word of God. He was showing his web shooting, and pointing to his hand. Treyton isn’t the easiest kid to understand, especially when he’s passionate about something but by chance I picked up on what he was trying to say. He was trying to say that the INSPIRED word of God was like SPIDERMAN…. cause they are kind of the same word in how they sound ;)

The Most Important part of Treyton’s Story

On the third night the story was about the story of a little boy accepting Christ in his heart. Tim and I have always believed that becoming a Christian isn’t about a specific prayer you say but rather a transformation of the heart. While some people express this transformation with a prayer, the prayer has no power in and of itself without the heart of faith behind it. We always felt convicted not to push our kids into saying a prayer unless they felt the desire or conviction to do so themselves, and in fact, we’ve probably discouraged the saying of a prayer (without ever saying anything).

The past couple of weeks Treyton has been learning alot about what it means to be a sinner and the importance of what Christ did for us on the cross. Specifically last week in school we memorized Romans 3:23 “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” This lead to so many awesome conversations between Treyton and I, he asked a lot of questions, and I could tell he was beginning to understand more and more about salvation and what it really means.

So anyway, Wednesday night, after the story we were talking about the little boy in the story that asked Jesus into his heart.

Treyton asked “Am I a Christian?”

Tim, simply asked Treyton “Do you love Jesus?”

Treyton said “Yeah”

Me: “Do you want to serve Jesus with your whole heart and life?”

Treyton said “Yeah”

Tim and I almost in unison said “Then you’re a Christian!”

To be honest, I don’t know if Treyton will ever say a prayer or have a date to mark down for becoming a believer, and for the record I’m okay if he does (or doesn’t) say some prayer or have a date to hold on to, because for me as a mom, I already know and in his heart, at a tender age of 4 (nearly 5) he already knows too, but most importantly, His Savior knows!

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