Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Alexaisms: Cute Sayings

Brewer Game 10.6.10-5 Alexa has picked up a lot of cute sayings lately, in perfect family form she uses the phrase “Oh man” a little too much :)

When we walked out of church this past Sunday, it was just her and I, Tim, Treyton and Audrey had walked out well ahead of us, while Lexie and I took the more scenic route. As we came out the doors a van that looked like ours drove out of the parking lot. Lexie looked at it, dropped her hands to her side and said “Ohhh Maan! Daddy went bye-bye!!” The cute part was that she wasn’t overly frantic about it, she just stated it as matter-of-factly as she could with a slight edge of disappointment.


EVERY TIME we leave the house Lexie yells out “Bye House” and EVERYTIME we pull into the driveway she says “Home!!”


Lexie has never really liked Band-Aids or putting ice on her owies, until we got some hello kitty Band-Aids. Now she likes to wear Band-Aids for no apparent reason. She will come and ask for a “ba kiiyy” (which is a kitty Band-Aid). Brewer Game 10.6.10 - Mommer and Lexa

She also likes the ice pack now that I wrapped it with paper towel, and if she gets the slightest bump she says “need ice”


I hear Lexie call "need help" from the kitchen and I go in to see what's going on. When I walk in I see that she has pushed a chair up to the kitchen stools, climbed up the chair, up the stools and is kneeling on top of our tall kitchen counter. When she sees me she says "butterflies, eat now" and points to the butterflies that recently emerged from their chrysalis. (She wanted to feed them)


beach4 Lexie gets very excited over the smallest things. I love giving her little gifts because she really appreciates them. Like today, for lunch Treyton gave Lexie some of his extra roast beef, she squealed with delight and says “Euuwwww…. Thanks Teyton, yea!!!”


Lately, when we walk out to get the mail, Lexie wants her own mail, she’ll tell me “Mail please”. She doesn’t care what it is – one day I gave her a newspaper, she keeps it in her special drawer in her bedroom (a drawer that she made cause Treyton had one). Today I had some other junk mail that she liked and she carried it around with her until it was nap time.

beach eating sand Common, cute sayings

“Need help!!”

“Well, Yah!” (totally Wisconsin style)

“Eat (right) now!”

“Excuse You” (which means excuse me)

“Tank You Maaa” (Thank you mom)

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