Friday, September 24, 2010

Alexaism: For Real


Alexa: Mommy, I wanna hide

Me: Okay, go hide baby.

{Alexa, runs off to hide only to return 15 seconds later}

Alexa: I hide, mommy.

Me: Good job (a little bit more into what I was doing than the conversation we’re having)

Alexa: (with a little more enthusiasm this time) I hade mommy!! For real!!

Mom: (I chuckled) Did you say “for real”?

Alexa: Yeah, I say “for real” now.

Mom: Cool.


As we’re driving down the road Lexa sees a motorcycle.

Alexa: WOW!!! Cool Bike, Mommy !!

IMG_0109 IMG_0106 ~~~~

Alexa says Mommy alot. Anytime we’re talking she ends most sentences with ‘Mommy’

“I need to go potty, Mommy”

“Look at the lights, Mommy”

“Thank you, Mommy”

“Excuse Me, Mommy”

“Pretty, Mommy”

“Wow, Mommy”

“Look, Blue, Mommy!!”

“What, Mommy?” (How she normally responds when I call her name)

“Ewwww, Mommy” (that’s what she says when I take her diaper off in the morning)

It’s so cute the way she says my name. It’s kind of a dull /o/ sound, closer to an /u/ (but not quite). Though there are many days when I feel like Mommy is said to much, when I hear her say it when really talking to me, makes it all worth it!! 


IMG_0078 IMG_0067

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