Monday, September 20, 2010

September at a Glance

We have had such a busy September, probably our busiest month to date. I’m so glad that we did some school during the summer so that I don’t feel guilty now for not starting the traditional school year off with a BANG!


Here are the three kids, I love this style of picture, and I’m sure I will take a better one like this soon, but for now this is what I have and I love it.  

IMG_0072 Alexa has gotten a little bit more into dress up. This is a bride dress that I picked up on clearance ($3) at target when she was just a baby.

IMG_0164 Treyton’s little league is going great! It keeps us the most busy but he is learning so much about baseball, himself, commitment, encouragement and responsibility. We were all bummed to learn that Treyton is going to have to miss a friends birthday party because Treyton has a game at the same time.

IMG_0165 IMG_0168 IMG_0171

Here he is being a knucklehead in the outfield… anything to keep yourself busy, right? 

IMG_0160 IMG_0010

We also started our local area’s homeschool co-op, here is Treyton on the first day, backpack packed, ready to go.


Though we haven’t done as much school, we’ve still managed to do some. Treyton has been diligently learning the pledge of allegiance, so we decided to make our own flags. Treyton posed this way himself (love it!!) IMG_0054

IMG_0066 And what school would be complete without a little goofing off. Here are dad and Treyton learning how to write with their feet!

IMG_0074 Also keeping us busy this month was partially finishing off the basement downstairs into an AWESOME school room. I can’t wait for the big reveal (which will be on the school blog)….

One day earlier this month I was on the phone in my bedroom, I walked out to find this…. IMG_0030

Treyton doing Alexa’s hair – here’s the finished product.

IMG_0032  ~ LOVELY~

While organizing all the toys to move into the new school room and guest bedroom, Lexie and I ran across her tea set she got from her Grandma Lex. So this past Saturday Lexa had her first real tea party. We invited the boys for the last round of tea, but it was mostly just Lexa and I ;) IMG_0037

Here she is after she poured her own tea, overflowing her cup, luckily she’s a second born so this doesn’t phase her much, and we were able to continue our party like nothing happened.

IMG_0039  Drinking like a lady :) IMG_0038 

Yes, I realize I have one picture of Audrey in this update, I am in the process of writing her 6-month post and I am saving the best pictures until I finally get it done :)

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