Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vacation 2010: Day 3 – Pittsburgh

IMG_0052_1Downtown Pittsburgh, one of the most beautiful places. I’m not sure what exactly it is, but both Tim and I are taken with Pennsylvania. It’s really a beautiful state and Pittsburgh is no exception. The scenery, the history, the shopping…. all of it, we’re even considering stopping again on our way back home to visit their science museum.

IMG_0059We realized in the morning that the hotel we were at had a pool. So while Tim and Treyton went to take a quick dip in the pool, the girls and I got ready to head out. This was, as we expected, a highlight for Treyton :)

IMG_0010The first stop was the Duquesne Incline. Built in 1877 (2 years before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb). IMG_0015_bwObviously, a historical site, it’s two old cable car (they still use the original ones) provide transportation up and down the mountain. IMG_0002For $8, the family took a quick round trip down the side of the mountain and back up. IMG_0004It was a shame that it was a little overcast and drizzling that morning, but we were still able to see the Golden Triangle of downtown Pittsburgh, which was what we really wanted to see and it was still a beautiful site. We also saw Heinz Field, which is where the Steelers play. IMG_0020 IMG_0022_bw After the incline, we headed to the Station Square. A shopping center that Tim and I went to nearly 3 years ago, where I had bought some all natural sugar scrub that I LOVED. I knew that I had to stop to pick up some more. Let me just tell you…. it was totally worth the stop!! And I found even more goodies this time around.  IMG_0040We ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe which had a stage-like area, which, of course, the kids took full advantage of.

IMG_0046The restaurant was mostly empty, due to our late lunch, so the kids were able to dance and sing without disturbing anyone. Treyton thought he was hot stuff :) IMG_0048IMG_0051After lunch, we headed out for the 5 hour trip to Virginia to see my sister and her family.   IMG_0062We got to Quantico at about 7:00pm. My sister, had dinner waiting for us, Jumbalaya – yum!!

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