Monday, October 18, 2010

Alexaism: Just Because

IMG_0041 Alexa: Mom, don’t go potty in my bed.

Me: That’s right, no going potty in the bed.

Alexa: Know why, mom?

Me: Why?

Alexa: Because

Me: Good point.


After seeing a AFV clip of a spiderman clip Lexie was TOO excited she was running all over the living room yelling “Spiderman on TV!” over and over and over again. Believe it or not she was more excited than Treyton.

Tim: Can you record Extreme Makeover tonight?

Me: Yeah, but it’s not going to be as exciting as seeing Spiderman, Dad.

Alexa: Nope!! Try again Mom!!


IMG_0154 Lexie has been having a hard time eating the food that we’re serving. Almost every meal (unless it’s cereal) she says “don’t like”

At first we just told her she couldn’t have dessert if she didn’t eat what she was given, that was proving to be ineffective so now she is often sitting at the table after the rest of us are done trying to finish her meal.

One night she asked “Can I be done mom?”

After I inspected her plate I said “no.”

Dramatically, she puts her head in her hands and then down on the table saying “Augh! I KNEW IT!!! I knew it, mom!”

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