Friday, October 1, 2010

Vacation 2010: Day 5 – Washingto DC

IMG_0014On our DC day. We got up and got out of the house around 9:30.

National Zoo

We got on the rail at it’s starting point Franconia-Springfield and we rode it all the way to Metro Center, where we switched to the red line. Lexie LOVED riding the rail. While we were riding it in, she sat perfectly still beside me and Audrey, all she said was “I’m on the Choo Train.” It was surreal – she NEVER sits that still for that long. Honestly, I was so shocked I couldn’t even take a picture.

As we exited the rail we realized it was raining. We were expecting rain to hit in the late afternoon from tropical storm Nicole, but thought it was supposed to be pretty clear in the morning. Last year when the kids and I came with my older sister, we managed to get DOWNPOURED on our way to the zoo, I think we were all a little nervous about that happening again!!  IMG_0039We made it all the way to the Starbucks across the street from the zoo, where we got some coffee and had a meeting of the minds to decide what we should do. It was only drizzling, and the zoo is actually free (which Tim and I didn’t realize) so we decided to go ahead and give it a try. We made the right decision. IMG_0017It drizzled all morning, but never got out of hand, and the zoo was amazing. I rate it right up there with the Columbus Zoo, but the fact that it’s free (!), helps it surpass most other zoos. IMG_0026The National Zoo is actually known for the giant pandas, which luckily were one of the first animals we saw. They were so cute. IMG_0027IMG_0029We made it through probably 1/3 of the zoo. IMG_0049The highlight for the kids was definitely the reptile house – I knew it would be a big hit for Treyton, but who knew Lexie liked snakes and lizards so much?!?IMG_0057

White House

After the zoo, we got back on the rail and headed to see the White House. IMG_0058It was still raining a little bit, but nothing we didn’t think we could handle. So we got off the rail as close as we could to the White House and walked the few blocks to see it.  IMG_0063   This time we saw the back of the White House. IMG_0075We ate lunch across the street from the Treasury Building at a restaurant called “Old Ebbin”. It was really good. And not out of our way at all (always a bonus when you’re walking with 4 small children). IMG_0073

It was a great DC day, I wish we would have looped around and seen the front of the White House too, being so close and all, but it was 4:00 by the time we were done with lunch and we still had to ride the rail back to our cars. So…. we took the safe option, which might have been best but being so close makes me wish we would have just done it. The weather was great. To be honest I would prefer it to drizzle the way it did than to be hot and sticky, and the temperatures were perfect. IMG_0030

Crab Night

For dinner we decided to got to Tim’s – a local dive that serves hard shelled crabs. Alana and I both decided to work for our food, and though the crabs fought back a little (I walked out with two thumb injuries), it was totally work all the work!! IMG_0081

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