Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vacation 2010: Day 6 – Shenandoah Valley

IMG_0058On Thursday we headed to Shenandoah Valley. We decided to tour the Shenandoah Caverns. Which are underground caves. The particular caves we toured had 3 different levels within the caves going to a maximum depth of 200+ feet (I can’t remember the specifics) below the surface. IMG_0052The only caverns to not use stairs (we took an old-school elevator), they’ve been open since 1922. They have been featured on National Geographic for their breakfast bacon limestone formations. IMG_0018IMG_0024Words and pictures do not describe the beauty of these caves. It was an unbelievable beauty to behold. Humbling, to realize that this is just a speck on the radar of our Creator and what he is capable of. IMG_0030  IMG_0034 IMG_0044The pictures are so hard to take because you can’t use the flash without losing part of the caves, but without the flash you lose some of the natural color, I think we still managed to get some good ones, but they were definitely better in person. IMG_0013Many, much better writers have done a better job at trying to put words to God’s beautiful creation – so I’ll refrain. I think that Tim put it wisely when he told the kids “These caves are just God showing off how awesome He is.” Our God certainly is AWESOME!! IMG_0008After leaving the caves we had lunch at a local cafe, that serves only locally grown food – it was excellent. IMG_0064Our plan was to drive 31 miles of the 105 sky-line drive, but it cost $15, and because of the rain it was pretty foggy and we would have missed most of the good views. Lucky for us, even not taking the skyline drive was beautiful. To know that I have not even seen the most beautiful parts of the valley, certainly encourages me to go back , because even the “poor man’s” views were incredible. IMG_0070 IMG_0083 IMG_0089

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