Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vacation 2010: Day 8 – Niagra Falls

Day 8, we left Virginia at about 9 am. We drove 8 hours to Niagra Falls. IMG_0018We arrived to Niagra Falls about 5 pm. It was sprinkling and about 50 degrees out – brrrr! We decided to do the Maid of the Mist boat ride, because we wanted a good look at both of the American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls, which are on the Canadian side, and we don’t have passports.IMG_0012The kids were excited about the boat ride, until Lexie realized she was going to have to wear plastic, which she really didn’t like. But, after a little pep-talk, she calmed down and on the boat we went. IMG_0021We were able to take a few pictures of the falls but because of the mist from the falls we mostly kept our camera under the rain poncho. The kids did GREAT, I thought after we got sprayed going near the American falls that at least one of them would start crying – but they didn’t. So, I thought, Okay, that wasn’t so bad. Then I looked ahead of us and realized we weren’t going to go close to the mist of the Horseshoe Falls, like we did the American falls, we were going IN TO the mist of the Horseshoe Falls!! In this picture, you can see the huge mist in front of us, that’s where we’re headed. IMG_0034Wet and cold it was – but more than that - it was incredible!!

To be that close to the falls, barely able to hear yourself think over the roar of the water… feeling the gust of wind and water against your face, as your boat begins to bounce from hitting the stirred water beneath you… to know that you are only yards away from 6000 gallons of water per second falling 180 feet to water that is nearly as deep… dependent on a tug boat, that suddenly feels no safer than a canoe, with 2 or 3 small “life saving devices”, to keep you from the freezing cold water that surrounds you on all but 2 sides… is a humbling, and exciting experience. 

And that’s not even mentioning the emotion of beholding such beauty; even with a slight sting of water against my eyes and cheeks, I was unable to turn my face, out of fear that I might miss one awe struck moment of staring at a true wonder of creation. IMG_0035There are few times in life that you feel closer to God. Knowing Him as not only the Creator of such magnificence but also Lord and Sustainer of it all, brings you to a humble realization of how Great and Awesome He is! IMG_0032On the flip side….

After sitting in the mist of the horseshoe falls for what seemed like 10 minutes, I was like, um yeah, this is cold. I could no longer feel my fingers and it was taking a lot of energy keeping Audrey as covered and dry as I could without suffocating her with a plastic poncho!! IMG_0037I looked down and poor Treyton was staring at the falls, putting all his energy into merely keeping his balance, jaw quivering, arms to the side looked like – who in the world cares, it’s water, and totally NOT worth being this cold for. Then I look at Tim, who was holding Lexie just in time to hear Lexie say “Too much water, water broke”. So, yes, it was cold and wet, but we were so proud of the kids, none of them cried, whined or complained. 

After we got off the boat, Treyton actually started to complain about his fingers being cold, and we were all ready to get dry and warm. So, we went to the van, changed out of whatever clothes were wet (surprisingly it was different on all of us). And went to eat at another Hard Rock Cafe (a new family favorite). The kids were being real jokester’s asking to have their pictures taken – Treyton wanted to be a rocker with Mom, Alexa took a kissy picture with dad.       IMG_0040IMG_0045 IMG_0046All in all the kids seemed to enjoy the experience. Lexie liked the boat and Treyton liked how much water there was, and little Audrey was so tired from the whole ordeal she decided to just nap.

Personally, I am so glad that we did it. I’ve never seen Niagra falls before, and it was some thing I’ve wanted to do for a while. I feel so blessed to have had the chance.

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