Friday, November 5, 2010

CSN Review: Long Over-Due Purchase

It took me a while to finally commit to purchasing my most recent review item for CSN. Okay, I’ll be honest, it took me a long while…. 7 years in fact.

This was something we’ve used nearly every day since we got married, sometimes more than once a day.

We’ve looked at several different kinds of them in the past, but were never able to fully commit to one. I had researched all different kinds, but never really knew which kind was best for us  and wasn’t willing to put too much money towards it, so we went on using what we had. And though the ones we had were cheap and mismatched people didn’t seem to notice, or if they did, no one ever said anything about it.

But all that’s in the past now!

Can you guess what it is I’m talking about?

I’ll give you one more hint…. it’s something in the kitchen!!

That’s right!! A cookware set!!

Because of CSNs gracious opportunity we purchased our very own, BRAND NEW, matching Rachel Ray cookware set.

image We went with her stainless steel set…. the one with the orange handles (Treyton was thrilled with the color choice), and so far we have LOVED them!! We have used stainless steel in the past, but they did not compare to this set.

I was a little concerned about stuff sticking and having to wash the pans, but it has not been a problem.

These pans are great, they’re not only pretty but durable, sturdy and easy to clean. And best of all, they are reasonably priced.

So on behalf of our family, we are proud to announce that, though they were long-over-due, our cookware set is complete, and resting well beneath our stove in the comfort of their very own oven drawer.

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