Tuesday, November 9, 2010

October 2010: At A Glimpse

I have not been able to devote the time that I like to on keeping the blog updating on all the changes that seem to take place daily in our home.

So once again, here is a catch-all kind, randomly written  post for the month of October.

Audrey – Will be turning 8 months old this month!! BananasI can’t believe I’m even typing that. She has no teeth yet, which has been a blessing, making the whole breastfeeding thing a breeze. I stopped nursing Alexa completely at 9 months, so by this point with Alexa we were down to twice a day. IMG_0002She did start solids at the beginning of the month, it was hit or miss until the middle of the month, and now she is eating solids every night. First Time Sitting UpAlso in the last month she started sitting up. She didn’t really like it at first, but she’s finally starting to get the hang of it. Sitting for several minutes at a time. Sitting Up take TwoJust this week she’s started actually jumping in her johnny jumper…. and loving it!! The older two, really enjoy playing with her. Nap TimeAlexa – is hitting a very fun and challenging age. She is copying Treyton a lot more, some of her cutest sayings “yeah bebay!” and “That’s what I’m talking about”

Princess Tea

She is all girl, for sure, loving to have tea parties and princess time, but also has a very rugged tough side too. She gets super excited whenever she sees anything having to do with or related to Spiderman.  She loves to wrestle, but only in moderation, once the boys reach an excessive level, she’s quick to get out. Princess LexaShe loves to sing, just this week she started singing “Jesus Loves Me” after church, a song we didn’t even realize she knew. Putting on her underwear aloneShe talks very well for her age (I think), but comes off as shy to people she just meets. Big SmilesHer absolute FAVORITE thing to do right now is to take mommy, daddy or Aunty Skye’s phone and listen to songs on them. She will ask over-and-over-and-over again to listen to her favorite song “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. Painting

Treyton – is really maturing right now. September was a rather rough month for him, behaviorally, but after some intense discipleship and training he’s not only improved but matured to a new level. He is a huge helper, in fact I don’t know what I would do without him most days. Horsey RideLexa and Treyton recently started doing “horsey rides” which is the most adorable thing to watch. They love each other so much and are the best of friends, I love watching them horse around. Treyton is so loving with Lexie, not playing too rough, but not letting her get too big for her britches either!! Playing AroundThis past week he ended up with two ear aches which was sad to see. The first one happened while I happened to be visiting my parents (2 hours away) alone. We were getting ready to eat dinner when he started complaining within 15 minutes he was curled up on the couch crying. He had to drive the entire way home alone in the back seat, unable to sleep and in an extreme amount of pain. Luckily after making a homeopathic ear remedy he woke up the next morning with no pain. Friday, after playing outside (again), his other ear started bothering him. This one lasted well through the night, causing him to be unable to sleep, we made it through the night… barely, but by the morning his ear was better. Bible LoverHis sweet heart continues to humble me. Just last week, while driving in the car we started talking about when he would move out, I told him that it would be a while. He said “You know what I’m going to miss when I move out?”

“What?” I asked

“Cuddling, I’m going to miss cuddling with you.”

….melt my heart…..

Proud Treyton

Tim & I – are doing great. We actually connected with a family on our street that has a 13 year old daughter that loves to babysit! Just tonight I had her over, while Tim was at his Bible study so I could get a little break. I ended up getting 2 loads of laundry folded, Tim’s closet cleaned out and a week worth of lesson plans done. Very exciting!

Tim, Treyton and I were able to make it to the Make a Difference Tour with Toby Mac, Third Day, Max Lucado and Michael W. Smith. We went with Tim’s siblings and some friends. It was a great concert, Treyton loved seeing Toby Mac and “bammin out” to “Boomin Out the Stereo” song :)

We are loving church, and are finally starting to connect and form some relationships. God is doing some amazing things in our family and marriage, and while it is “stretching” it is a great thing. We are constantly reminded of our dependence on him, a great place to be. 

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